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I am disappearing into quietude
in a quaint country cottage
known as the “Merlot” model,
slightly smaller than
the “Chardonnay”
or “Cabernet” models.
This place is spec house coup de tat - 1,737 more words



Sometimes I see something in this strange digital world and it feels someone has put into words,

what I feel. There is a sense of recognition and knowing. 240 more words

The Joy Of Stitch

Who are you? An Annotated Bibliography

Who are you

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I put this little slide show of images together. Boy! It took a hell of a lot longer than I expected  - LOTS of images.   2,941 more words

Half Savage and Free

They’d sought no probable explanation
no disambiguation of class,
(order, family, genus)
for the idiot in the courtyard
filing his nails with flint,
painting the stone walls… 337 more words


The Future Must Be Green, Red, Black and Female

The future of the human species – if there is to be a future – must be radically green, red, black and female.

If we take this seriously – a human future, that is, if we really care about whether there will be a human future – each one of us who claims to care has to be willing to be challenged, radically. 1,810 more words


Last Thoughts of Sycorax

To the naive observer
she is an old fisherwoman, perhaps,
or a hovel dwelling hag.

Her coarse skirts hitched
above her sagging knees,
she wades alone at night… 499 more words