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Genesis: The conception and birth of Shadetree Clothing Company

When a tree falls in a forest and there is no one around to see the tree fall does it make a sound?

Assuming that this tree is fairly large it does indeed make a sound. 534 more words

Making Lamps from Mushrooms

Via Designer Pages:

Edvard has also developed a lamp made from MYX that produces food for the consumer before it ends up as a functional light object.

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Genesis: The conception and birth of Shadetree Clothing Company

Whats up guys!

My name is Emmanuel Quinones I’m a 19 year old entrepreneur and environmental activist from Lubbock Texas. Like many of you I’m pretty ordinary, I get dressed putting one pant leg on at a time and I get the same allotted minutes in the day as you. 553 more words

Eco-Friendly Products

Plastics are taking over our Oceans

“Plastics” – from that word of advice in the movie ‘The Graduate’ to a reality where almost all products are wrapped in plastic throwaway packages or made with plastics, the question of what happens to all of that plastic needs to be addressed. 294 more words

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Products I'm Loving Right Now

Remember that movie, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, starring Lily Tomlin? The one where she’s a housewife that accidentally gets exposed to some weird combo of toxic household products and starts to shrink and then becomes a media freakshow and then gets kidnapped by evil corporate scientists and almost shrinks into oblivion? 540 more words

Chemical-free Beauty

Key Products Ideas for Environmental Protection

Due to an upsurge for environmental protection, industries are undergoing green revolution. Present e-commerce market offers you wide selection of Eco-friendly products. These ingeniously designed products are widely used at home and in industrial environment maintenance. 274 more words

Eco Friendly Products