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100 Happy Days #6

Photos of the little things that made me happy last week…

What have you been enjoying taking the time to do?


Brand Focus: Blue Avocado

I love cosmetic bags. I am always on the search for a good cosmetic bag for traveling. Since I am going to be constantly on the go this fall, I have wanted to get a makeup bag set. 155 more words


Saying Good Morning with Our New Friend Dean

Especially in the coffee industry the words “fair trade” are easily used as buzzwords to sell more beans, especially by many companies not a part of the Fair Trade Federation. 208 more words

Cradle to Cradle

I’m not really a big fan of “certification”. I understand the reasons for it and I know that many who offer it are morally ethical with only the highest intentions but it is also based on distrust and buying integrity with dollars. 1,228 more words

Environmental Movements

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The Cradle to Cradle Certification is just one way to begin revolutionizing how we as a society harvest materials, manufacture products, and most importantly, what we do with them once they are not longer needed. Product Design must play a factor in a more sustainable future! For more information on the current environmental choices being made, stop by What's New in Eco-Materials.

Etsy: This One's For The Boys

To My Male Readers/Subscribers:

Thank you for sticking around through the times when I get all girly and talk about peach eyeshadow and boyfriend jeans. Your loyalty has not gone unnoticed. 308 more words

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Aloe Vera, Natural Healing

Aloe Vera has been empirically known as a plant with healing properties. When I was a girl, my mom always had an Aloe Vera plant around the house. 197 more words

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