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Halt and Reflect: An Open Letter

Halt and Reflect: An Open Letter is a document currently being dissmeninated across the internet calling attention to the unsustainability of our current lifestyle. An important focus is the political and institutional failure to address this issue with appropriate, and measurable positive results.  121 more words

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Do You Know a Litterbug?

It seems fundamental to say, “DO NOT LITTER”, but I see litter everywhere and I just can’t imagine where it comes from. My husband and I often take walks out through our property with our granddaughter. 316 more words

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How to Install Metal Bathroom Backsplash

If you already have started your eco-friendly kitchen with bamboo cabinets, cork flooring, and new lighting, etc…

Now, might be the time to think about changing your backsplash. 360 more words


Volunteering with Let Us Create Cambodia, Part 1: Building an Earthship School

Stumbling into this creative project within our first few days in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, was a ridiculously awesome gift from the Universe.

We had just set up our Google Alerts notification to email us whenever “Cambodia” was blogged about (which I really recommend all travelers do before entering a new country – it’s a great way to keep current on interesting events happening in the part of the world you’re visiting) and within 24 hours of creating the alert, we received an email in our inbox talking of Earthships, an art school, and an organization called… 425 more words

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