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U.S. War Machine (part II)

I was recently interviewed, along with folks like Cindy Sheehan, by Press TV. The topic was the permanent U.S. war economy.

See Part II of that show here!

The walk explained

Walking  to  celebrate  and  discover  the  abundant  ecology,  meet  and  hear  the  stories  from  a  people  that   created  a  nation  with  a  philosophy  of  ‘Out  of  Many  One  People’  and  ‘One  Love’.   681 more words


Bhopal: 30 Years of Struggle and Survival (Interview with Reena Shadaan)

Reena Shadaan: “It’s been three decades of mobilization against what is now the second biggest chemical corporation in the world and the Government of India. As the 30th anniversary approaches, much of the wider goals remain the same (assessment and clean-up of the site, holding the Dow Chemical Company accountable legally, etc.); however, many important successes have been won as well. 88 more words

Poison Gas from Fracking Ecocide makes Texas Highway FM 1053 a Health Hazard

Along both sides of the 30-mile stretch of state highway connecting Fort Stockton with Imperial TX are posted more than 30 “Caution: Poison Gas”, “Caution: H2S Gas Present” and other warnings that “breathing while driving” here is a risky proposition. 501 more words

Corporate Fascism

Climate Change: Know Your Enemy

If every person in the U.S. made all the minor changes suggested by Al Gore in ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ carbon emissions would fall by only 22%. 23 more words

Useful Liberal Illusions: From FDR to Obama

For eight years, during the 90s, I watched with a mixture of astonishment and contempt as Bill Clinton was regularly portrayed as a “liberal” by supporter while his opponents to the “right” went much further: viewing him as some kind of dangerous radical. 102 more words