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A Silent Ecocide

While many are quite understandably distracted by the war and genocide unfolding in Gaza and the Ukraine, the rainforest of Ecuador is quietly being destroyed on an epic scale. 509 more words


Climate Change Summary

Reposted from Speaking Truth to Power

This is a detailed and link-heavy summary of the research into climate change to date. It makes for grim reading but it’s worth working your way through it. 10,546 more words

Climate Change

The Dragons of Distraction (An Activist Parable)

Prologue: “The function of the police is social control and protection of property.” (Michael Parenti)

Once upon a time, there was a very evil class of humans that lived in a massive luxury castle on a hill surrounded by fields of (GM) crops. 593 more words

Living Life Out of Balance

Balance: A harmonious or satisfying arrangement or proportion of parts or elements

In early 2000, I was walking through Manhattan with three friends on our way to meet a fourth member of our party. 1,036 more words

Ecocide - Eye of Wicked Sight (Review)

This is the début album of Ecocide, a Thrash-influenced Death Metal band from the Netherlands.

After a very sci-fi intro the band start with a sprawling, heavy, mid-paced riff that showcases the fact that they have a nicely heavy sound and know what to do with it. 172 more words


Ian Peisner, "Untitled" (from Terry Tempest Williams' writing seminar)

The road is punctuated by death. I expected to see roadkill; I had no illusions. But the numbers and the variety seem impossible. Mule deer with splintered ribs and entrails hanging grotesquely from gaping holes, faces frozen in a gasp, eyes open and dull. 784 more words

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