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The Ecole Militaire

Here you can see the front of the Ecole Militaire, holding the French flag proudly at the top as well as allowing you to see the great architecture. 9 more words

Statue of Marshal Joseph Joffre

In front of the Ecole Militaire a statue of the Marshal Joseph Joffre can be found, who is well known for his efforts during World War One and his popularity. 11 more words

Ecole Militaire at the end of the park

In this photo you can see the Champ de Mars park going up to the Ecole Militaire, showing the many people relaxing down on the grass and in front of the building. 13 more words

Wall for Peace at Champ de Mars

In this photo you can see part of the Wall for Peace monument which is found at the end of the Champ de Mars park with a view that leads directly to the famous Eiffel Tower. 10 more words

Multiple paths

At the Champs de Mars park which is found besides the Eiffel Tower in Paris you can find many paths and empty areas to sit down and relax in the gardens. 9 more words

Souvenir shop at Champ de Mars

Here you can see a photo of a souvenir shop found at the Champ de Mars park, where they offer everything from postcards, magnets, hats, scarves and even paintings for any tourists walking by. 10 more words

Champs de Mars leading to the Ecole Militaire

This photo shows the Ecole Militaire, but in front of it the Wall for Peace, followed by the Champs de Mars where people can be seen sitting out on the grass and enjoying the views on a bright day. 7 more words