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Soul Harvest - Part 2

What makes gardening such a precise mirror for the soul? There are many biblical parables that invoke the imagery of the garden – the pruning of vines, sowing of seeds, and harvesting of grapes. 745 more words


Subduing and Having Dominion Over the Earth

Historically, Christians have believed that human beings were created as the pinnacle of creation, that everything prior to us was made for our benefit, that we have “dominion” or rule over all of nature (and therefore can pretty much do what we want with it), and that we can enforce this dominant position by subduing or taming nature. 2,710 more words


How to tell whitebark pine from limber pine?

I have been thinking about whitebark pine a lot recently. I have been working with the Forest Service and American Forests to develop an education sign  that outlines the importance of whitebark pine for human and wildlife ( 256 more words


Challenge Day at Roundshaw Downs

This weekend the Sutton Nature teamed up with a group of young people from The Challenge, an organisation designed to encourage young people to challenge themselves and try new things. 382 more words


Soul Harvest - Part 1

It took me a long time and a good deal of sweat to understand it — just how much our Earth is a sanctuary for our souls. 637 more words


The Marari Fruit Diaries

I’ve been writing about the exciting biodiverse varieties of plants at the new property, Marari Pearl. I want to point out though that even before we started, the land has hundreds of coconut trees on it, as well as dozens of mango and cashew trees, which is exciting in its own right. 232 more words