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Spring poem, more distraction.

Aspen Drift

The downy seeds of aspen drift,

Dancing across the evening sun on

The wind from silvery shivering-leaved poplars,

Threaten to clog my mind full… 21 more words

Species Spotlight: the European Honey Bee

Many of you will probably be aware that bees have featured heavily in the news recently. Perhaps the most startling news is that recent research… 517 more words


5 facts you should know about Round Up Weedkiller

FACT: Roundup is being linked to kidney failure, contamination, habitat die off, environmental damage and so much more! Get the current 5 facts from GMO Inside. 43 more words


Out in the field - Working in the agricultural Mosaic of the Taita Hills

And here are some news from my current field work that is part of my Thesis. After spending some quiet, but exiting days in Nairobi (maybe later more about that) I finally arrived in Wundanyi, Taita Hills, where a substantial part of my work will be conducted along the… 638 more words


Cliff hanger

As part of a pre construction avifaunal study for a proposed wind farm we had to conduct a series of cliff surveys for Cape Vultures near Tarkastad. 66 more words


The Power of the Pen

Anyone who has been following these posts will probably know that I have not historically been an active political person. So, when I wrote to my MP yesterday, it was uncharted territory for me… 942 more words