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Reedbed Cutting at Anton Crescent

This frosty Tuesday, the SNCV began the first stage of pond works at Anton Crescent Wetlands. This local nature reserve is fairly small in size, but has one of the densest reedbeds in the whole of Sutton, and is home to a rich variety of wildlife associated with aquatic and wetland habitats. 365 more words


Women’s Spaces TV Show filmed 10/23/14 with guests Kenna Lee and Elaine Booth reporting on the People's Climate March of 9/21/14 in NYC, has been added to the Archives

Women’s Spaces TV Show filmed 10/23/2014 with guests Kenna Lee & Elaine Booth reporting on the People’s Climate March of 9/21/14 in NYC, has been added to the Archives… 211 more words

Women's Spaces

Jellification: A Sequel to the Disappearance of Water Fleas from Canadian Lakes

By Roberta Attanasio, IEAM Blog Editor

The plenitude of environmental changes currently underway is leading scientists to devise new catchwords for communicating novel, unexpected findings. Think of… 676 more words


Coming to a table near you: Synthetic Food

There’s a new twisted cousin to GMO foods already making headway ininfiltrating the food system. Synthetic biology is the science of designing organisms in the laboratory that make things more efficiently than in nature. 276 more words

Ken Eade

Bull Kelp Drift: A Subtidal-to-Surf Zone Connection

What do you call a tangled mass of bull kelp on the beach? I’m not sure what you call a great spaghetti-like tangle of floats, stipes, and holdfasts, but after a long summer, masses and clumps of kelp wash onto the beach with the first big surf of the fall season. 687 more words


Montana - a place of contrast

I love the looks of snow on the mountains.  As a child my drawings of the mountains always included snowy peaks.  Climate change might change how long into the summer mountains keep their snow, but this time of year the snows have accumulated enough to accent the peaks. 31 more words