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What is a Food Forest?

A food forest is, as the name implies, a forest of food. The goal of this gardening and land management system is to mimic a woodland ecosystem with companion planting of edible trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals grown in a succession of layers. 102 more words


Why Earth Day Doesn't Matter

A friend sent me a text message this morning, wishing me a “Happy Earth Day!”  Hunh, I commented, I hadn’t realized that was today.  For some reason I thought it was the 24th of April, not the 22nd. 668 more words


What's nature worth?

It seems that the UK’s Environment Secretary Owen Paterson is taking biodiversity offsetting up a gear. In the article he quotes Ronald Reagan saying that a tree is just a tree in regard to the destruction of a part of the California Redwoods. 378 more words


Green Economy Realism

There’s no way toward a sustainable future without tackling environmentalism’s old stumbling blocks: consumption and jobs. And the way to do that is through a universal basic income.

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Hairy -footed flower bees - Anthophora plumipes and Lungwort

Lungwort – Pulmonaria officinalis  family Boraginaceae

Now that the Winter aconites have gone and most of the Crocus are gone, it is time for Lungwort to emerge. 323 more words


Collapsitarians Rising

Collapsitarian sounds decidedly like the opposite of our approach, but in this profile we can see some recognizable observations and motivations, and even actions if not conclusions, out there among the practitioners.  1,550 more words