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Autumn Creatures

As autumn is now upon us, there are many seasonal changes that you have probably encountered over the past few weeks. You may have noticed the bounty of blackberries growing on brambles; conkers dropping from horse chestnut trees and the classic sign of autumn – the changing colour of leaves. 504 more words


Republicans, Democrats, and the Climate Tipping Point

Talk of the so-called “political gridlock” in Washington has become so commonplace that it certainly qualifies as a full-fledged cliché. For too long, the three branches of the federal government have been pandering to the short-term economic interests of power elites. 880 more words


Soul Harvest - Part 3

With gardening always comes the harvest — a communion with our Earth, the holy connection between us and the planet. What better way to participate in this than by eating a cherry tomato or snap pea that we have grown in relationship with the Earth? 540 more words


ESA2014 conference talk: the web of arid life

The web of arid life: biotic and abiotic interactions in a changing world.

Below is my abstract and slides for the Ecological Society of Australia… 365 more words


Photo of the Week and a Cool Beaver Article

I had a great conversation the other week with a Wildlife Conservation Society staff member about using human constructed beaver dams to restore an incised creeks.  136 more words

Open State | Tomorrow Made Today

Imagine people making their own energy, food and housing. More time and less stuff to worry about. Believing in their own stories, not those of corporations or politicians. 13 more words


What is the deal with Mountain Pine Beetle?

Even as the current infestation of mountain pine beetle continues to pass, I continue to visit with landowners about the trees affected by mountain pine beetle.  62 more words