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When New Roads Signal Nothing But Danger Ahead

Thanks to the Guardian for keeping us up to date with news, no matter how dismal, which in this case raises red flags about the future of our earth’s lungs: 347 more words


Hop Bush Hex

There are so many complex interactions in Nature that we know so little about. Before emails, corporate-structured universities and funding cycles, ecologists spent a lot more time in nature, … 1,111 more words


A Global Database of Terrestrial Biodiversity: Interpretation and Speculation

The shear number of names on this article is all the evidence needed to recognize this as a political effort, not a scientific effort. As with other large databases, presuppositions drive the data interpretation. 322 more words


The Elusive White Tiger

Tigers (Panthera tigris) are of huge cultural importance across their entire range; they are the national animals of Malaysia, South Korea, Bangladesh and India.

In Korean culture there is the belief that tigers are guardians that will protect people from evil spirits and bring good luck. 265 more words


Trail Trivia

A bit of trail trivia for you. First I’ll post some pictures to see if anyone volunteers an answer as to what’s going on in them. 224 more words


Nanuk: the Master of Bears in the North

‘Nanuk’ is the name given to a mythological polar bear in the Inuit tongue. Whilst still an animal, he is believed to be close to being a human being, and is master of all bears. 658 more words


Habitat Earth

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Habitat Earth“, the new film by the Visualization Studio at the California Academy of Sciences opened this weekend in the Morrison Planetarium… 196 more words

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