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About "Save Water" bullshit...


I believe I have to start with this:

I am not against ecology, I am not denying that our planet and the whole world we live in is running straight into a wall and that if nothing is done there will be nothing left for our children but something a lot worse than what you can see in “The Matrix” or “Mad Max 2″. 628 more words


Fracking and River Management

Recently the UK government has announced it is to push ahead with the exploration of shale gas seams (fracking) throughout the country. This news has been met with strong protests, notably from environmental lobby groups. 1,658 more words


Butterflies for Beginners and the Big Butterfly Count

Last Saturday Sutton Biodiversity Team ran a course on butterflies, aimed at beginners to try and help people get to grips with identifying butterflies. During the training day, the group were led through butterfly life history, anatomy, some identification tips and a background to butterfly conservation. 425 more words


Is diversity all that it is cracked up to be? And if so, which kind?

A number of well-written popular science books have drawn attention to ecosystem degradation in the modern era (e.g., Kolbert’s “The Sixth Extinction”, Weisman’s “The World Without Us”, Wilson’s “The Future of Life”). 1,096 more words


America's Dead Sea

Everyone said it couldn’t happen.  They still do.  But it can.

I decided one morning, while staying at my daughter’s place to care for her animals, to take a run on the beach.   867 more words


Black eyed peas

They’re not like other beans at all.  They get bigger before they start to flower, and once the flowers are done and the bean pods come on, they take a lot longer to fill out with beans. 103 more words


Wild things. Flowers of the Scottish / English border.

Grasses and wildflowers on the Scottish / English border. Photo from my recent visit to Scotland.
Blogpost to follow . . . .

Environment And Walking