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The sweeping of Bharat

It is as customary in politics as it is in administration to expect a new dispensation to sweep clean the debris and dust of the old order. 510 more words

Ecology And Environment

5-Year Wolf Killing Contest Proposed for Idaho; Petition Seeks to Stop It

In December of last year I wrote and posted an article entitled, Wolf Winter, which included the following: 1,186 more words

Uttarakhand floods

What happened in Uttarakhand a little over a year ago in June 2013?

According to the basic understanding all of us have, there was a heavy rainfall and it led to floods and there was a huge loss of life and property. 541 more words


An erratic monsoon with late spikes

From the first week of June 2014 until the middle of September 2014, there have been floods and conditions near drought in many districts, but for India the tale of monsoon 2014 comes from individual districts and not from a national ‘average’ or a ‘cumulative’. 374 more words


Spotted Photo Theme: Green

Green is my favourite colour, and has been for as long as I can remember.  On one level I suppose my love for this colour reflects my love for plants and nature in general, but mainly it is simply a colour that I enjoy using and seeing around me.  390 more words

Ecology And Environment

Rock Flipping: Two Worms and a Pill-bug

Today is International Rock Flipping Day, a day to get outside and discover what critters lurk below rocks at the edges of our backyards, vacant lots, alleyways, and other wild and not-so-wild places. 635 more words

Ecology And Environment

Physics and fatality

Those working in the area of theoretical physics may have noticed that the mean time between being noticed by the rest of the world is about two years, give or take a year. 405 more words

Ecology And Environment