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Yesterday I went to the UBC Farm market to purchase their wonderful vegetables, herbs and flowers as I often do. Yesterday’s super treat was the Honey Extraction and sale by Jenny Ma of Vancouver Honeybees… 261 more words


Here is why you shouldn't kill spiders!


Do you usually kill spiders? If yes, well then you should stop. Spiders almost never bite people. If we didn’t have spiders, the world would over populate with bugs, and they would practically take of the whole world (and they would also be huge). 36 more words

Ecology And Environment

where are we headed?

Recently I came upon this cartoon in the Globe & Mail; I laughed at the cleverness of the illustration but at the same time I was struck by its sad truth. 194 more words


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Observing the bees that visit my garden is such a thrilling experience – noting the various foragers that alight on blossoms with such concentration and determined focus, learning about the floral preferences each species of bee has, and watching the bees zoom away loaded with pollen and drunk with nectar enthralls me! 120 more words

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L is for Lichen

As I stand on a forested hillside, I run my hand over the trunk of a large Douglas-fir tree.  Beneath my fingers is not tree bark, but a layer of brilliant yellow-green material. 

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Ecology And Environment

Why IMD's rain math doesn't add up

Over eight weeks of recorded monsoon rain, the district-level data available with the India Meteorological Department (IMD) portrays a picture that is very different from its ‘national’ and ‘regional’ advice about the strength and consistency of rainfall. 273 more words

Ecology And Environment