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Since it’s the end of semester, it’s been tricky finding time to sit and pour out a solid blog post. But I’m feeling committed to my blogging journey so this is going to have to be enough. 225 more words


Soundscape ecologist

Okay, now I enjoy finding unique job title’s, usually over at the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Xplor magazine, but this is a new one for me. 86 more words


Hunting swales

I love a good swale. They’re so when-you’ve-got-a-lemon-make-lemonade. In garden geek terms, a swale is a shallow ditch. But it is a ditch transformed.

A regular run-of-the-mill ditch catches the rain as it sheets off a gentle slope (like a lawn-covered front garden, for instance) and, in the case of suburban ditches like the one shown at left, channels the run-off to a collection point.  113 more words

Thinking Green

I have a dream

OooOh I’m dreamin’…
To choose a land amongst Forrests, mountains and water sources and build on it a cozy humble shelter I’ll call home (made with wood I’ll find and cut from the area). 158 more words

From livesience: "Telltale Signs of Life Could Be Deepest Yet"

October 24, 2014
Becky Oskin

Telltale signs of life have been discovered in rocks that were once 12 miles (20 kilometers) below Earth’s surface — some of the deepest chemical evidence for life ever found. 461 more words

Applied Research & Technology

Texas Plant Captures and Reuses Carbon

One of the major contributors to global warming is CO2 emissions. How can this problem be solved? Well, a Texas company called Skyonic Corporation of Austin is preparing to tackle this problem and use it to increase their profits. 614 more words