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The Big Lebowski Soundtrack To Appear On Vinyl For The First Time

Henry Mancini, Yma Sumac and more on this ace OST. The soundtrack to the Coen brothers’ classic (dare we say… best?) film The Big Lebowski… 170 more words


"Climate Smart" presentation coming to UH-Hilo. Post #98

Source:  Hawaii Tribune-Herald/University of Hawaii at Hilo, dated 21 October 2014.


Dave Sansome will present a slideshow on Agroforestry on Friday, 24 October 2014, in UCB 100.   245 more words

Event to attend: Free citizen science trainings from CPP Stebbins!

Who: All ages, best suited for adults or families with older children

What: Free training sessions in plant monitoring and phenology to learn about the California Phenology Project and become a volunteer for the CPP Stebbins Citizen Science Project. 166 more words

All Ages

The Control of Nature

By John McPhee

Synopsis: While John McPhee was working on his previous book, Rising from the Plains, he happened to walk by the engineering building at the University of Wyoming, where words etched in limestone said: “Strive on–the control of Nature is won, not given.” In the morning sunlight, that central phrase–“the control of nature”–seemed to sparkle with unintended ambiguity. 659 more words


Hidden in Plain Orange - How this harlequin bug's orange coloration makes it both conspicuous and invisible

Aposematic coloration is the technical term for the coloration phenomenon found in such illustrious animals as poison dart frogs (Family: Dendrobatidae) and skunks.  The rationale is that the animal makes itself very conspicuous in an attempt to signal a ‘warning sign’ to potential aggressors.   618 more words

Life Sciences

CALTROPe project

Animation created for Jacques Rougerie Foundation’s Award 2013, in ‘Architecture and Sea Level Rise’ category. Nominated for the Laureate of Award. Animation: Janka Csernák and Péter Kovacsics
Music: Ádám Kovacsics



Intentionality. Must I mean for it to be art to then be art? 

Or someone sell it – someone buy it? Must it be made in a certain length of time? 251 more words