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Astray salmons. Lost humans...

In drought-stricken California, young Chinook salmon are hitting the road, not the river, to get to the Pacific Ocean.

Millions of six-month-old smolts are hitching rides in tanker trucks because California’s historic drought has depleted rivers and streams, making the annual migration to the ocean too dangerous for juvenile salmon.  162 more words

Modern Civilization

Is diversity all that it is cracked up to be? And if so, which kind?

A number of well-written popular science books have drawn attention to ecosystem degradation in the modern era (e.g., Kolbert’s “The Sixth Extinction”, Weisman’s “The World Without Us”, Wilson’s “The Future of Life”). 1,096 more words


Weather prediction skills

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 A.  Head For The Hills?
25 April  2013, Survival Life.com, by Joe Pasted from: http://www.survivallife.com/2013/04/25/head-for-the-hills/

Have you ever headed out in the morning to what you expect to be a bright and sunny day, only to have the bottom fall out of the sky hours later, leaving you soaked and miserable? 1,202 more words

Survival Manual

Never Try to be a Good Person

I sob uncontrollably the day my mom decided to buy a car with diesel particulate filter (let us not go into details on how this little bastard works), and how many problems we’ve had with the car because we tried to be good people. 218 more words


Interview by Lorene Mills for "Report from Santa Fe"

Ralph Metzner interviewed by Lorene Mills on Report From Santa Fe

In this video interview, Ralph discusses: What it means to be a “consciousness researcher,” the concept of “consciousness expansion” (compared to “psychedelic,” which has become an overloaded term), the cultural context of the 60s (how “mind expansion” was a completely new idea), normalizing the concept of consciousness expansion and contraction (focus, concentration, as in performing a skilled set of actions, surgery etc.), states of fear and rage, and how these states trigger fight or flight behavior (internal or external), normal and usual every day consciousness changes, triggers of changes in consciousness, and more.


The Price of Human Vanity: Mass Extinction

What is this, “mass extinction”?

What an alarming way to start the day! After watching The Weather Channel tell me there’s a chance of tornadoes across the entire mid atlantic, the next video up, Mass Extinction. 163 more words


Haiku #42

stopping to notice
the power of this fragile jewel
I am the one who feels small