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Creek Fun

Last Saturday we went to Bay Trees in Castro Valley to help with restoration. My group and I planted a lovely native Toyon plant. Since there was no way to create an irrigation system, we placed dry water on the sides of the plant which is just water with cellulose. 150 more words

New Years Resolution

A little less than a year ago, I went on a run.

…I turned around and had to stop to take in the incredible vista that was laid out before me.

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Sport Climbing

After Metaphysics - Aesthetics & the Anthropocene

All the imaginary significations that once anchored art in traditional meaning systems have disintegrated: the transcendental signifieds ring hollow. Everywhere there is debris. Artists confront the discarded signifiers or broken meaning systems, shifting through to re-assemble their personal vision, and it is no longer the creation of signifiers that refer to Being – that transcendental signified fixed to the traditional meaning system; there is a vacancy at the heart of the structure.  995 more words


Fridge For Roomates

This innovative Fridge for Roomates designed by Stefan Buchberger for Electrolux’s Design Lab 2008. Fridge is consisting of a base station and up to 4 seperate stackable modules, each… 14 more words


Photo Night

Guess what night it is!?……. It’s Photo Night! Tonight you get some photo’s of Litoria rubella or ; if you want to be lame, the Red Tree Frog. 58 more words


Books and Bookmarks Auguste Derriere

Auguste Derriere – the man who became famous for its absurdity in the advertising industry early 20th century. Sayings, aphorisms, jokes, bizarre slogans, you’ll find it in these colorful books. 40 more words