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Arctic sea ice helps remove CO2 from the atmosphere

Due to global warming, larger and larger areas of sea ice melt in the summer and when sea ice freezes over in the winter it is thinner and more reduced. 499 more words


Climate Change: A World Action - Thanx to Avaaz

A few months ago, the Avaaz community decided on a crazy goal – the largest mobilisation on climate change in history – and on Sunday, around the world, it actually happened. 594 more words

Deep Stuff

What Was Old Is New Again

A favorite aunt brought me to the first second-hand store I ever went to. We had to drive quite a distance to find it. In our rural area, if you were done with something, you just gave it to somebody else. 77 more words


Plants Without Chlorophyll: It’s Easy Being Green, But Stealing is Even Easier

Featured images, left to right:  pinesap, ghost plant, spotted coralroot orchid.  Photos:  Katie Grzesiak

Plants are Plants

Plants make their food with energy from the sun; that’s what is often used to define them as plants.   1,330 more words


Majority of Catalans want independence from Spain - poll

Catalonian separatist supporters wave estelada flags in front of Catalonia’s Parliament before the approval of a regional consultation law in Barcelona

Almost 60 percent of Catalans support independence from Spain according to the latest poll, which also revealed that Catalans have no fear about their future as a sovereign European state. 225 more words


Species distribution modelling is not as simple as you think

One of the most fruitful sub-fields in ecology is using climate variables to predict species’ geographic distributions. For the uninitiated, species distribution modelling assumes that species are limited in their distributions to suitable climate zones. 834 more words

New Ideas

The pause and the balance

The season of fall in the northern mid hemisphere.  A time for slowing a bit,  taking a step back, creating a pause, remember that pauses make up the grand scheme of the music,  and reflect upon the issues, that have come up till now in this year. 537 more words