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The House of Orange claims Russia

TC: Thank you very much, your highness King Willem-Alexander of the House of Orange, for inviting me to interview you during your Sunday morning breakfast. I hope that your highness has had a good night’s sleep and enjoys the excellent coffee as well as I do ? 984 more words

Economic Crisis

Argentine government braces itself for nationwide union protests

Following a government default in July, Argentine labor unions have now organized nationwide protests in an effort to demand better working conditions as the recent bond default threatens economic stagnation and renewed inflation. 547 more words

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The euro zone: That sinking feeling (again)

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The euro zone


If Germany, France and Italy cannot find a way to refloat Europe’s economy, the euro may yet be doomed … 159 more words

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The Samaras Government and the Frivolous Populist Chattering of the Media Harlots

By Con George-Kotzabasis August 20, 2014

The Greek economic crisis has brought on its heels a moral and intellectual crisis and “prostitution” of its media. The Fourth Estate in Greece has been transformed into a “red-light” district where a populist seraglio of colorful journalistic harlots has assembled to hustle their “quickies.” Only with few exceptions, such as Babis Papadimitriou, whose analyses of current economic events in Greece are illustriously admirable and an example for imitation, most of the media spoke persons and journalists in Greece are wallowing in the putrid waters of populism and from that position are publishing their disheartening, gloomy, and misleading comments about the economic and political situation of the country. 688 more words


From: "The Accidental Neo-liberal"

The term“neo-liberalism” has been mainstream in Europe and among Third World intellectuals since the early 1990s. It seems to have replaced “late capitalism” to describe our current global political economic conjuncture. 482 more words