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"Gentlemen ... the national debt ... is PAID."

As some commentators here in Germany demand that the national debt has to be repaid, it should be interesting to look at instances when that has actually been achieved. 445 more words

Economic History

The economics of apartheid

Why did apartheid end? Who benefited from apartheid? What was the National Party ideology when it instituted apartheid? Why did the ANC government have so little room for redistribution when they were elected in 1994? 1,033 more words

South Africa

Who are the top 3 economies?

Here is a videographic from The Economist showing the top three economies throughout history. Does China have the world’s largest economy? Is China’s economy bigger than America’s? Interesting how history repeats itself.


Digital Depression: The mysterious stock market crash of 1987.

Twenty-seven years ago today, on Monday, October 19, 1987, the largest one-day percentage decline in the stock market in American history occurred when the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 508 points. 843 more words


Platform economics and "unscaling" the electricity industry

A few weeks ago I mused over the question of whether there would ever be an Uber or AirBnB for the electricity grid. This question is a platform question — both Uber and AirBnB have business models in which they bring together two parties for mutual benefit, and the platform provider’s revenue stream can come from charging one or both parties for facilitating the transaction (although there are other means too). 998 more words


Opinion: People are much, much better off than they used to be

William Watson

The OECD recently published a 274-page study called “How Was Life? Global Well-Being since 1820.” It’s not entirely clear why an organization of 34 rich countries is analyzing economic history. 597 more words