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The Making of the Jewish Middle Class

Kaplan, Marion A. The Making of the Jewish Middle Class: Women, Family, and Identity in Imperial Germany. New York: Oxford University Press, 1991.

In this entertaining cultural history, Marion Kaplan explores the ways in which Jewish women were instrumental in the formation of the Jewish middle class in the German… 614 more words


Piketty & Slave Wealth

A quick note on Piketty, slave-wealth and US capitalism. 651 more words

Economic History

Ye Olde Inæqualitee Shoppe

A quick note : Income inequality in pre-industrial societies was, in general, lower than in modern industrial societies, but traditional agrarian economies tended to be closer to their “maximum feasible inequality” than modern ones. 663 more words

Economic History

"Organizing Venture Capital: The Rise and Demise of American Research and Development Corporation, 1946-1973," D. Hsu & M. Kenney (2005)

Venture capital financing of innovative firms feels like a new phenomenon, and is clearly of great importance to high tech companies as well as cities that hope to attract these companies. 822 more words


Book Review: The Richest Woman In America

Recently the Gilded Age has been cropping up in economic and social discourse as a parallel to today’s wealth inequality and ostentatious elite. So it seems quite timely to review a biography of a woman living in this very era. 1,351 more words

Economic History

Tcherneva on the development income inequality during expansions

I have been at the International Post-Keynesian conference in Kansas City last weekend – after a very pleasant vacation in Valencia, Spain – and the most impressive chart came from… 176 more words


Philosophical scepticism the antidote to Neo-Liberal fantasies

Although I have read economics, philosophy and theology at university, I am not an academic and I want a description that distinguishes me from the professional philosophers and economists. 1,137 more words