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"Being Rich In America Is Tough": The Continuing Agonies Of The Super-Rich

As we well know by now, being rich in America is tough. Imagine driving your Porsche out the Goldman Sachs garage, intent on a relaxing weekend at your Hamptons retreat, only to find some wretched Occupy sympathizer giving you a dirty look through the haze of patchouli and resentment that surrounds him. 718 more words


"Subtle Forms Of Discrimination": Without Economic And Educational Justice, There Is No Racial Justice

Student civil rights activists join hands and sing as they prepare to leave Ohio to register black voters in Mississippi. The 1964 voter registration campaign was known as Freedom Summer. 828 more words


Does Economic Growth Depend on Healthcare Expansion?

Even though economic growth is much too slow, it has been steadily increasing since the end of the Great Recession at a rate of about 2.2% per year.  310 more words

Jack Heidel

"Women Deserve Better": Discrimination Is The Best Explanation For The Difference In Pay

Just two days ago President Obama made news in Pittsburgh by stating that equal pay for equal work not only benefits women, but also benefits families. 476 more words


The lack of money is not the problem. Money is the problem.

What If We Didn’t Need Money?

by Rev. Paul J. Bern

(excerpt from his 2012 book, “Occupying America: We Shall Overcome“)

What is law enforcement in much of the world, and more noticeably so in the US as of late, being paid to protect? 1,692 more words


A Scarred U.S. Economy

Today’s New York Times has an article “U.S. Economic Recovery Looks Distant as Growth Stalls”, summarizing the predominant view of economic experts that annual growth of the U.S. 350 more words

Jack Heidel

"On Inequality Denial": Good Ideas Don’t Need To Be Sold On False Pretenses

A while back I published an article titled “The Rich, the Right, and the Facts,” in which I described politically motivated efforts to deny the obvious — the sharp rise in U.S. 791 more words