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"Coaching Sessions Have A Long Way To Go": Rick Perry; 'Running For The Presidency’s Not An IQ Test'

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is wrapping up his 14-year tenure as his state’s chief executive – the longest such tenure in Lone Star State history – and as he gets ready to launch a second national campaign, the governor is talking more to the national media. 806 more words


The American People Are Amazingly Upbeat!

I think of myself as a political moderate, conservative on fiscal matters and somewhat liberal on social issues.  My blog posts are usually based on a recent newspaper article or think tank study presenting one side or the other of an important issue in an intelligent way.  314 more words

Jack Heidel

"The Haves And The Have-It-Alls": The Pain Of Inequality Among Yacht Buyers

In this season of mass commercialism, let’s pause to consider the plight of simple millionaires.

Why? Because we now share a common cause: Inequality. You don’t hear much about it, but millionaires are suffering a wealth gap, too, and it’s having a depressing impact on both their level of consumption and their psychological well-being. 586 more words


"It’s Always Black Friday For Clerks": The Result Of Decisions And Policies That Have Had A Hideous Impact

Contrary to what you may assume about me, I actually enjoy the occasional trip to the mall. It’s a kind of a sociological expedition of the sort I find instructive and entertaining—I love watching the gangly teens, for example, as I recall going to the mall myself when I was 16, combing my hair and hoping to run into the girl of the moment. 883 more words

Middle Class

Inequality Does Not Reduce Prosperity

In the national elections this year four states: Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska and South Dakota raised their state minimum wage rates above the national rate of $7.25 per hour and, at the same time, elected Republicans to the U.S. 283 more words

Jack Heidel

"So Much Unpaid, Unrewarded Labor": Why Women Should Get The Rest Of The Year Off

As of October 11, the average American woman who works full time, year-round started working for free.

That’s because she makes just 78 percent of what a man makes. 735 more words


Russell Brand on the Irish Water Charges

You may know Russell Brand for his celebrity antics, but more recently his Youtube show Trews has been gaining a following for its outspoken, humorous and yet critical look at economic and civil issues in the UK.   250 more words

Economic Inequality