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We Don’t Want Aid. Please Keep it for Your Local Poor!

Aside #Corruption & #Criminality, #InternationalAid is root of #5StarsColonization disease that cripple #AfricanElite 86 more words


What will you lose when the carbon bubble bursts?

By Warwick Smith

Last week I attended a panel discussion on whether or not the bursting of the carbon bubble would cause the next global financial crisis. 718 more words


Putin's Six Steps for Getting Away with an Invasion (and how much longer will they work?)

Vladimir Putin’s aggressiveness in Ukraine has been going on for months.  While there have been some repercussions (trade sanctions, public scoldings, etc), so far he’s coming out ahead.   2,228 more words


What Integrity is Left?

Greens are changing the political conversation with our push against the shift to the right of other parties. A sure signal of success can be seen in Labour’s uneasy recognition of the “Green surge”. 671 more words


Vicious Circle(s) 2.0

Since the beginning of the crisis – and more so since 2010 – Europeans have been looking at the sovereign-banking “vicious circle”, tying the dismal fates of States and banks together. 1,183 more words


At the ECB, "unanimous" is the new black.

One month has passed since the announcement of the asset purchase programmes, but pressure for action has not eased at all, for the ECB. Besides witnessing weak figures for the economic and inflation outlook, Frankfurt now finds itself in between two forces pulling in opposite directions: on one hand the FED – which is ending its stimulus – and on the other hand the Bank of Japan – which unexpectedly decided to expand its QE programme, pledging to grow the monetary base by ¥80tn ($700bn) a year. 680 more words


Meet Yet One More Big Corporation That's Giving for STEM Education - K-12 Education - Inside Philanthropy

Lockheed Martin is a very big defense contractor with a very small customer base, primarily the U.S. government. The company famously cares about what happens in Washington, D.C., judging by the vast fortune they’ve spent on lobbying in recent decades.  18 more words

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