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Is Africa Losing the Battle Against Corruption?

At the root of all this is a serious #Moral and #Ethical crisis, shared by politicians and #Economists the world over 1,144 more words


The Scottish Currency Question: A Solution

This week the Scots will vote on independence and the ghost of Bonnie Prince Charlie will ride once more… oh no! I’m not going there! Living in London and being from a country that declared independence from the crown last century I have seen up close all the cultural demons that the run-up to the Scottish vote has stirred up. 1,694 more words

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Africa’s development: Time to abandon theory and confront reality

No nation has developed on the basis of raw #Globalisation & complete #Privatisation without essential foundations 2,733 more words


The Future of Africa: The New Africa

[#Africa] For every $1 in [#ForeignAid] a developing country receives, it spends around $25 in [#DebtRepayment] 1,581 more words


"The Inflation Cult": The Broad Appeal Of Prophets Whose Prophecies Keep Failing

Wish I’d said that! Earlier this week, Jesse Eisinger of ProPublica, writing on The Times’s DealBook blog, compared people who keep predicting runaway inflation to “true believers whose faith in a predicted apocalypse persists even after it fails to materialize.” Indeed. 773 more words


The North-South Divide and Intra-Block Coordination in the Global North

Globalisation has created new challenges for governance. The Global North has pursued new forms of inter-regional cooperation at the economic, monetary and financial levels. At the same time, the global architecture, which includes the world’s poorest countries, has struggled to keep up. 1,468 more words