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Kimchi News Roundup IV

A few updates from around town:

Market Trends

Europe’s Economic Woes Require a Japanese Solution

No policymaker, anywhere in the world, wants his or her national economy to be compared to Japan’s. That’s because the Japanese economy, though still the world’s third-largest, has become a sad case-study in the long-term damage that can be inflicted by a financial crisis. 902 more words

Guardian article on infrastructure funding

This article was originally published in The Guardian Australia.

How to make Australian infrastructure pay for itself – with no selloffs, and no tricks… 1,240 more words

Economic Policy

I am the Resurrection: Macroeconomic Orthodoxy in the UK

Photo: HM Treasury, London by David Holt on Flickr  (CC BY-SA 2.0)

In this first of two blog posts, PhD candidate James Silverwood from the School of Politics, Philosophy & International Relations will advance one of the major theoretical contributions from his research – the orthodox UK macroeconomic policy-making cycle. 941 more words

British Politics

Are businesses more efficient and effective than governments?

A particularly disheartening feature of the world we’ve been living in since the 1990s is the assumption — widely held and expressed in many ways — that anything governments can do, private enterprise can do better. 496 more words

What's Wrong With The Way Our Communities Are Governed

Reevely: Public debt's way up, the Fraser Institute says, but that's on purpose

The Fraser Institute is out with a report on public debt levels in Canada. It’s a fairly scant thing, mostly compiling figures readily available from the provincial and federal governments, but it’s worth reviewing the fact that Ontario’s public debt has risen 89 per cent since the recession, to $269 billion. 541 more words


Taxation, Government Spending, the National Debt and MMT

The other day my friend Rohan Grey — a lawyer and one of the key organisers behind the excellent Modern Money Network (bringing Post-Keynesian economics to Columbia Law School, yes please!) — directed me to an absolutely fascinating piece of writing. 999 more words

Economic Theory