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China’s doomsday will finally come as China ‘bears' have predicted

“It’s like a horror movie. People like to watch, but don’t want to be in it,” quips economist Andy Xie about his popular lectures where he predicts a collapse in China’s property and stock markets. 1,069 more words

Land Value Taxation For Avoiding World War III.

Posted April 1, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“There is danger in reckless change, but greater danger in blind conservatism.”

- Henry George (1839-1897)

The post from… 1,172 more words

Earth Matters

Case Studies and Work Done


Strategy evaluation, improvement, implementation, preparation for sale


Private college with established reputation of providing quality business courses.

Terms of reference

Evaluate existing strategy, courses offered, evaluate student (and employer) satisfaction levels, suggest improvements, discuss improvements, agree change, implement change. 1,773 more words

Change is happening in Cuba

Recently, the Cuban government allowed its citizens to buy new imported cars without the need of a permit, something that had otherwise been illegal since the Revolution in 1959. 661 more words

What is neoliberalism, please tell me - show me one?

I want to meet someone who believes neoliberalism was the leading light of the economic reforms since 1980. They can then tell me what neoliberalism is. 713 more words

Politics - USA

Economic Reform, Social Welfare, and Instability: Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia, 1983-2004

Economic Reform, Social Welfare, and Instability: Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia, 1983-2004

Hamed El-Said and Jane Harrigan – Middle East Journal (Winter ‘14)

The article explores the effects that extensive economic liberalization promoted by the IMF and the Worldbank has had in four MENA. 765 more words


New Leaders Aren't Going to Solve India's and Indonesia's Problems

Rarely has the mere announcement of a candidacy been met by such investor relief. On the day, earlier this month, when Joko Widodo was nominated for President of Indonesia by a major political party, the stock market surged and the currency strengthened. 708 more words