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A Presidency Under Threat 28 - Presidential Insecurities

Nearly two months back the Liberal Party wrote to the President urging that he not hold elections in haste, and indicating that he should proceed first with the various reforms he had pledged. 1,462 more words


Are Progressives Interested in Secession?

Alternative Media TV tackles the issue of secession. This video is interesting because many of the issues cited as driving interest in self-determination (economic reform, and foreign policy) are progressive talking points.  22 more words


Weekly Round-Up

Asia Pacific

  • India continues to block the implementation of the 2013 World Trade Organization trade-facilitation agreement, refusing to push forward with the deal until the WTO guarantees protection of India’s massive state food purchases.
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Policy Perspectives

A Test in France

France’s recent cabinet shakeup has a least banished some in the government who would resist needed fiscal and economic reform. Former Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg heads that list. 858 more words

Party Plenum Indicates Limits To Xi Jinping's Power

THIS BYSTANDER DRAWS two points of note from the recently concluded Fourth Party Plenum, the four-day annual meeting of China’s 350 most powerful officials. The first is that President Xi Jinping has not centralized power as comprehensively as has been supposed. 616 more words