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My "Black Friday" Shopping List:

Another turkey; we nearly ate the entire bird from yesterday. And some butter.

As for that perennial pastime where greed perverts Advent, making it the season of goading sheeple into buying crap they don’t need, all while avarice and coercion fuels the fire of abuses heaped upon low-income workers, I will buy nothing. 72 more words

Catholic Joy

Economics of Star Wars

Here is another clip from Mr Clifford. Good for teaching scarcity, choices, self-interest, incentives, cost/benefit analysis, voluntary exchange, and economics systems. I particularly like the supply and demand graph at the start.

Eco Comedy

Middle-of-the-road fallacy

” We must compromise”; “We should be nonpartisan”; “We want to get things done.” These frequently heard phrases by political “moderates” or “centrists” indicate their desire for conflicting government factions to get along—mission impossible. 454 more words

Capitalists Vs. Socialists

Are We Ready to Talk About Capitalism?

Marxist economist Richard Wolf says he’s “having the time of his life” because, for the first time in his career as an economics professor, audiences are hungry to hear what he has to teach. 27 more words


Sloth, Greed, and Avarice on Offer *Outside*, Nevermind the Store

For the annual post-Thanksgiving gluttonyfest known as “Black Friday”, and it is truly black indeed for the craven souls who worship at Mammon’s altar on this high unholy day, … 141 more words

Age Of Euphemism

AS Economics - Mixed Economy Mindmap

Here is a mind map of a mixed economy which might be useful for revision purposes. It looks at the advantages and disadvantages of the mixed system which is usually asked for in the discuss question of an essay.

Economic Systems

Communism In Reality pt.1

Have we seen a true communist or even socialist state absent serious military conflict?

The Soviet Union’s communism is perhaps the most cited example of the failure of central planning on a national scale. 638 more words