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In class, we discussed the various Economic Systems theorized and implemented throughout the world.  Traditional Economies, Command/Planned Economies, Market Economies, and Mixed Economies comprise these systems and impact the way architecture is made.   31 more words


It's the Economy STUPID!

Capitalist Greed v. Socialist Need Reliable Sources

Capitalist Side

Most people have not the slightest clue, not even a basic understanding of the economic systems that drive our American economy, or the enormous pressures that are tearing them apart. 1,680 more words


Economic Systems

Economic Systems

Economic system refers to how the different economic elements will solve the central problems of an economy i.e. What , How and Whom to produce. 1,485 more words


Meat Is Murder? We Don't Act Like It Is

As animal activists, everything we believe in and stand for militates for us to rise up in revolt against the horrors of the Animal Holocaust. 336 more words

Animal Holocaust