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Developments is Fusion Technology

Plasma physics: The fusion upstarts

Fuelled by venture capital and a lot of hope, alternative fusion technologies are heating up.

M. Mitchell Waldrop

Hubert Kang Photography… 2,455 more words

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How World Cup countries would compete in economic variables

From the Wall Street Journal Graphics. Here is a great graphic that looks at how those countries competing in the World Cup would fair when you consider variables like: 37 more words


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Public domain

The adventure of the copyrighted detective
Jun 19th 2014, 22:28 by G.F. | SEATTLE

THE curious case of one Mr Sherlock Holmes has completed its journey through the American courts. 589 more words

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World Cup Winners and Political/Economic Systems

Keeping with the World Cup theme, I read a very interesting book a few years ago by Franklin Foer entitled “How Soccer Explains the World” 594 more words

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