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Bureaucracy Hinders The Progress Of Heavy Minerals Industry

In such modern times when time is the most important factor, in India lengthy processes are given more importance. Such is the case in the heavy mineral mining industry as well where close to 3,000 applications for mining leases are pending that is adversely affecting the industry. 167 more words


Heavy Mineral Mining Needs A New Industrial Policy: MEAI Suggests Government

The heavy mineral mining industry in Kolkata needs a new industrial policy that makes sure that development and mining are given preference in regions where mineral bearing sand is present whether it is owned by government, privately or occupied by villagers. 122 more words


The MEAI Encourages Mining Investment; Heavy Mineral Mining Sees A New Hope In TN

Leading heavy mineral mining companies like VV Mineral, India, based in Tamil Nadu are suffering grave losses because of the ban by the government. A top professional mining body has suggested that the new policies should make sure that mining will be given preference in mineral rich areas whether owned by government, private of taken illegally by locals. 141 more words


Newspapers or examination papers

The first crossword in a British newspaper was published in the Sunday Express on November 2, 1924. Why? With development around the globe print media have been changing themselves as well. 196 more words


The Indian media's itch:

The Indian media is facing this in finding an equal rival for Narendra Modi. More than the people who go after the Jawaharlal Nehru… 122 more words

The journey of becoming an 'Economic Times Young Leader'

‘Success is a journey, not a destination’- this has been the mantra all throughout my life and that is precisely why I have always given equal, if not more, importance to the process and the journey rather than the final outcome. 786 more words


On Privacy and Rights as an Individual: Being a Tea Sommelier in India.

Does it mean that the media has full rights on your image and your life because it is not copyright protected?

Very recently a photo that features me (that was originally shot for… 323 more words

Tea Sommelier