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Global Trading Patterns set for structural changes in wake of environmental ‘War on Pollution’

The dry bulk freight markets are volatile. Shipments of grains, beans and wheat fluctuate according to weather conditions, and whether or not Russia has invaded Ukraine. 503 more words

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Why Do Used Cars Sell For So Much Less Than New?

If Mr. Smith wants to SELL me his horse, do I really WANT to buy it? It’s a question as old as markets and horses have existed, but it was for many, many years, one of the unspoken questions of economics. 764 more words

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Feminist's feminist Hillary Clinton to Win Anything in 2016? MSNBC's Joe Scarborough says maybe not!

There are very few folks active in American politics of any sex over the past quarter century who can top Hillary Clinton in overall ugliness. 425 more words


"When we stop believing in God, we do not then believe in nothing, we believe in anything"

“When we stop believing in God, we do not then believe in nothing, we believe in anything”…….. (G.K. Chesterton)

The new god in America is the one sold by Barack Hussein Obama and his henchwomen throughout America’s educational, political, social, news, and economic fronts from coast to coast to force equality upon the governed……but NOT those Obamalings who govern…….Marxism with a feminist twist indoctrinated at schools and university……that the human female and male animals are without any significant differences one to another except for ‘socialization’……. 622 more words

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Sixty Percent of Americans in Poverty Not Working

Sixty Percent of Americans in Poverty Not Working

October 17, 2014….from the National Center for Policy Analysis:

The Census Bureau recently released a report on income and poverty, making clear that Americans continue to struggle, despite the Great Recession having ended five years ago. 243 more words

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Is Altruism Rational?

In a game first popularized in the academic literature in the early 1980s, two people are invited separately to play a game, with a monetary prize. 546 more words

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