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Obama's Lawless EPA Overreach

Notes from Craig Rucker of CFACT:

EPA held hearings today on proposed rules that would place tremendous burdens on existing power plants that would force many to shut down. 211 more words

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Repeal the Death Tax

Death Tax Hurts Small Businesses and Minorities

July 25, 2014   from the National Center for Policy Analysis:

The death tax should be fully repealed, contends Bartlett Cleland, resident scholar at the Institute for Policy Innovation. 280 more words

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Prager University: The War on Work

No American institution  has more profoundly and deviously abandoned education based on teaching  Truth as Truth can be most honorably and accurately  discovered, than the nation’s social science universities with  its armies of  reporters from coast to coast.     140 more words


Devious Obama Moves into Bribing Health Insurance Companies

The following article from Forbes written by Tim Phillips  was sent by Mark Waldeland:


Want to know what’s happening with Obamacare? 148 more words


Want to Raise Your Taxes to Subsidize Wind Industry?

Wind subsidies?

CFACT Views on Subsidizing Wind Turbines from Craig Rucker:

If you want to learn whether subsidizing wind turbines makes sense, just glance across the pond. 162 more words

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The Leftist Attack upon America's Religion Becomes More Established and Dangerous

Cynthia Allen: The anti-democratic dismissal of religion’s significance

By Cynthia M. Allen

Surveying the response to last month’s Hobby Lobby decision, I was struck by a comment from progressive Massachusetts senator and possible Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. 1,026 more words


Alexander Hamilton: Info for those millions of Lefty Americans who know no American History

Hamilton’s Eventful Life and Tragic Death

Douglas Linder, University of Missouri

Alexander Hamilton was born as a British subject on the island of Nevis in the West Indies on the 11th of January 1755. 117 more words

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