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Why We Should Say NO to this Bank Tax

$2.25 billion is really CHICKENFEED

Or is it? Ever since Finance Minister Peter Phillips announced the new tax on bank transactions last week Thursday (17th of April), there has been quite a stir. 1,513 more words

The Human Female is NOT the Equal of the Human Male!!!

It is not only a lie that these Sexist-Leftists make when campaigning that all sexes are equal and therefore should receive equal pay in the work place, it is suicidal. 500 more words

National Politics

The right time to legalize?

It seems a new Jamaican marijuana legalization movement has emerged  - or possibly it is the same old movement resurfacing from underground and re-entering the mainstream – calling, yet again, for legalization of the herb – this time with notable support from St. 677 more words

Fox Lefty Juan Williams: Still Hope for More Obama Tricks and Deceit in Our Future

So you want more rape, pillage, and burn for America? More deceit, disorder, and lefty authoritarianism? More crooks and nutmegs in Washington sending their Death Squads to steal cattle, count to steal more votes to his America seal up your church, house, and neighborhood talk group? 286 more words


When Charles Murray was Young, Folks Celebrated Church Values

The major problem with America’s fracturing into Marxist hate camps demanding forced equality of the feminized kind, is not the distribution of wealth but the execution of its traditional Christian values. 466 more words


The Obama Era of Sex, Drugs, Murder, and Ditziness

The Modern Liberal-Lefty Celebration of Freedom

All thinking people realize that some days are far better than other days. What is better for some, might be less better for others. 670 more words


Why You Should Worry about American Fascism

More and more Americans live without traditional families. More females live alone, have no children, live in apartments. They don’t explore. They don’t build, nor do they defend. 180 more words

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