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Sixty Percent of Americans in Poverty Not Working

Sixty Percent of Americans in Poverty Not Working

October 17, 2014….from the National Center for Policy Analysis:

The Census Bureau recently released a report on income and poverty, making clear that Americans continue to struggle, despite the Great Recession having ended five years ago. 243 more words

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Is Altruism Rational?

In a game first popularized in the academic literature in the early 1980s, two people are invited separately to play a game, with a monetary prize. 546 more words

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Romney Turns to Humor......Obama Goes to Bank to Cash an Obama check

Mitt Romney was one of the finest American human beings to have become a major political candidate for our nation’s presidency. He carried himself with honor campaigning throughout a country which no longer honors and teaches traditional American values as a basis for its cultural behavior. 91 more words


Death to the Death Tax

from the National Center for Policy Analysis:


October 13, 2014

Upon death, the federal government taxes 40 percent of the deceased’s income and assets above an exemption threshold. 277 more words


How Dumb Can Obamaling 'Intellectuals' Be? Well, There is Tom Friedman at the NY Times....

for starters………

by STEVEN HAYWARD at PowerLine


“I’ve decided against starting a regular feature, or worse still a contest, to treat the question of who are America’s most over-rated intellectuals, because if you answered “All of them,” it would be difficult to gainsay such a common sense conclusion. 590 more words


Obama Admits a Truth: "I'm not on the ballot.....but make no mistake: (my) policies ARE on the ballot, every single one of them"

This past week America’s first foreigner president, Barack Hussein Obama, claimed, “I’m not on the ballot this fall, but make no mistake: ‘my’ policies are on the ballot this fall, every single one of them.” 328 more words


American Labor Continues to Shrink under ObamaRule

Labor Force Continues to Shrink

October 9, 2014 from the National Center for Policy Analysis:

The September jobs report indicated the creation of 248,000 new jobs, a positive sign for our struggling economy. 244 more words

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