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The top 10% are a bunch of bludgers in New Zealand too

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One reason why the top 10% in New Zealand have been a pretty ordinary lot compared to the USA is New Zealand’s university graduate premium – the college premium as it is known in the USA – is at the very bottom of the OECD ladder at about 18% – rock bottom 32nd out of 32 – the wooden spoon. 181 more words

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Think Beyond PISA... without forgetting about what PISA says

The blog’s name comes from “Más allá de PISA”, a project developed by Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR) with the collaboration of notable Spanish economists and sociologists of education: Antonio Cabrales ( 121 more words

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Charles Murray and the OECD's Trends in Income Inequality and its Impact on Economic Growth – IQ, signalling, over-education and plain bad career advice

Charles Murray has been cooking with gas lately – on fire. One of his points is too many go to college. Murray points out that succeeded at college requires an IQ of at least 115 but 84% of the population don’t have this: 759 more words

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