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Slipping Offical Thermometers of Global Warming

Saving Official Temperatures from
 Alarmists’ High Stick and Natures Hip Check

The climate does not happen overnight but after 100 years it may change overnight –e.g.,  506 more words

The Cultural Hegemony Of Climate Superstition

The Hungarian central bank goes on a buying binge

It was on August 3 that I first read about the so-called Borbély castle in Tiszaroff. It was refurbished after the change of regime and was owned by a German businessman who made a four-star luxury hotel out of it. 1,062 more words


Transcendental Capitalism, Graham Ward

From Graham Ward’s book, The Politics of Discipleship: Becoming Postmaterial Citizens. (pg 97-98)

“Capitalism in its expanded global form is a participatory system.  I may chose a postmaterialist option and not buy sportswear from Nike because of the charges of sweatshop exploitation, but my index-linked pension, the investments made by my mortgage company and my bank, my credit and debit cards, and online shopping all situate me very firmly in the global economy.  93 more words


Amazon v Hachette-publishers-readers-writers

Amazon is locked into a bitter dispute with French publisher Hachette, but this is not the first dispute, previously it was with Macmillan.

What Amazon is trying to do is drive down the price it pays, it demands ever larger discounts, whilst pretending it is acting for readers. 740 more words


Share 1: The Capitalist Network That Runs the World

Here’s an oldy but a goody, thought I’d share. From NewScientist.com:


From the Article:

“The work, to be published in PLoS One, revealed a core of 1318 companies with interlocking ownerships (see image).

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"We shouldn’t turn a blind eye to race over the Rotherham abuse scandal"

I read the Jay report into child exploitation in Rotherham from cover to cover. As I did, I remembered my own experience as a Channel 4 News reporter in Bradford after the 2001 Manningham riots.

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David Plouffe is a Washington Rainmaker, so politically connected that it is likely that if he called President Obama on the back channel line, Obama will answer. 446 more words