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Fragile Denuclearization: Russia steps up arsenal build ups

Fragile Denuclearization: Russia steps up arsenal build ups

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


Denuclearization has remained a useless myth since it is purely utopian to expect the big nuke powers USA and Russia to renounce their arms arsenals, especially the weapons of mass destitution (WMD). 1,542 more words

How can we possibly prevent obesity when there is so much inequality?

Make no mistake about it: wealth inequality is one of the main drivers of health and disease generally. Inequality is strongly associated with outcomes such as obesity, depression, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, etc. 283 more words


Golden years, but dark housing prospects for some seniors

As she enters her golden years, Joan Dunphy may have to go back to work to afford a roof over her head — and she’s not the only senior to find herself in a tough housing situation. 608 more words


Increasing minimum wages may not lead to job losses after all, report suggests

The common refrain from Conservatives is that raising a minimum wage is a job killer.

Well, a new study pokes some pretty big holes into that theory. 652 more words


India’s Modi Ends Fuel Subsidies, Showing He Is a Reformer - Businessweek

Narendra Modi has proven once again how important it is to be lucky in politics. In the spring, he was India’s opposition leader, running for prime minister by focusing on the… 214 more words


Facebook's Zuckerberg Gets a Toehold in China - Businessweek

In its quest to dominate the social media industry worldwide, Facebook (FB) has long hankered after China, where the company been been banned since 2009. Facebook may have just gained a foothold to help it infiltrate the Chinese market: the appointment of Chief… 140 more words

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