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Forever Blowing Bubbles, 2.0: UK Property Surge 'Replaces Productive Economy'!

#LondonPropertyBubble 'reinflating beyond normative computation' as goalposts for financing basic human need 'move faster by the hour' #UK
ッ MEDIOLANA® EDU (@Mediolana) April 18, 2014…

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The Bias of Facts

Paul Krugman has an interesting look at the liberal bias of facts:

… the liberal and conservative movements are not at all symmetric in their goals.

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The dynamics of private and public ownership

In discussions on the pros and cons of private versus public ownership one should consider competition, decision-making and the dynamics of relationships between firms and governments. 333 more words


Harry Reid: Bundy, supporters, "domestic terrorists”

Although there is currently a lull, with federal snipers no longer in sight and cattle returned, the standoff in Nevada is not likely to go away anytime soon, as Sen. 321 more words

Those Dems

Economics- An Introduction

The basic introduction of the Subject Economics and especially Micro Economics. Its meaning, scope and how is it different from Macro Economics is discussed in this video


Concept of Economics and Significance of Statistics in Economics

This video explains the basic concept of Economics and Statistics and their dependence on each other.