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Syriza coalition with Independent Greeks shows Tsipras refuses to accept he can't control Economics

There’s going to be a lot to write about Greece over the next few months. The inevitable result of a country having 25% unemployment, 60% youth unemployment and GDP that has dropped by 25% over the last five years due to the effect of policies imposed from outside sources has happened. 684 more words


Bare with me!!!

 I’ve been trying to carry the site on my own mostly and trying to branch out even further. I don’t want Sincere Ignorance to simply be a brand, and I want it to go beyond verbal discussions. 95 more words


History of Greece's Syriza Party and whether it can change Europe?

Yanis Varoufakis, Greece’s new Finance Minister has this interesting article on his party.

SYRIZA, a growing political party in Greece, is an acronym that stands for “Coalition of the Radical Left.” For Americans, the idea that a party on the radical left could gain power is unthinkable, and it was for Greeks, too—until very recently. 502 more words

Economics - Macro, Micro Etc

How Much Government Help Can a Country Survive?

New Mexico with its long Spanish history merged with Indians is small in population, politically corrupt as we see things, and poor compared to other states. 474 more words


Income inequality on the Metro

Someone took the Washington, D.C. Metro map and figured out incomes based on census data around each of the stations (Click to enlarge):

In this case, “Green” does not mean cash. 17 more words