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Mid summer dump

Wherein I quickly recap the last month, throw some pictures of new stuff in, and remind everyone to come out to my next two shows, cuz, SHOWZ! 699 more words

New Stuff

Even in the 24th Century, Private Property and Wars Will Still Remain

Been incredibly busy with work and family matters, and I know I promised a post on whether Results Matter or Not which will be forthcoming. But in the meantime, here’s a quick thought I had while watching re-runs of Star Trek the Next Generation. 291 more words


IPCC Climate Models: Divergence From Climate Reality Continues

The IPCC’s climate models have been noteworthy for their unfettered pattern of prediction failure, misleading policymakers and taxpayers alike regarding global warming…predictably, the pattern of failure continues in 2014….. 274 more words


Loans for single moms

Being a single mom is not at all calm but there’s all the time pecuniary assistance offered to help them away from home for the period of tough epoch. 307 more words


Government Grants in support of Single Mothers in support of College

Parenting is a very challenging adventure, especially in support of a single tend. Single mothers are the largest part likely to feel the pressure of needing to give birth to earnings in the sphere of order to provide in sustain of their kids. 360 more words


It Seems So Simple

Why do tax cuts lead, counter-intuitively, to industrial decline, stagnant wages, and finally financial collapse?

This was the question asked in a very interesting article at…

752 more words

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Calculator

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is a form for calculate and to approximate your student financial aid and this is also free service. 400 more words