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Uncertainty and the Black Swan Theory

Uncertainty touches most aspects of life and economic activity. Decision making under uncertainty and dealing with the unknown has motivated academic research in an effort to understand its multidimensional aspects and implications. 514 more words


Krugman Misfires In Amazon Vs. Hachette Battle

Paul Krugman has an op-ed today where he argues Amazon is abusing its power:

Which brings us back to the key question. Don’t tell me that Amazon is giving consumers what they want, or that it has earned its position.

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One of the things that bothers me is the claim by many on the right, that Obama is purposely destroying the US, is a Muslim, or any one of a number of things. 389 more words


What to do?

Today’s blog entry is also a response to a question posed to me by a reader, Robert, regarding what our options are when it comes to our personal investments. 873 more words

Monetary Policy

“Business and personal ethics are no longer an integral part of global corporate cultures. The reality is that ethics has been dumbed down to mean compliance.

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"Corporate education would be biased"

While I don’t identify with Christopher Pyne, the Liberal Party or the right wing (libertarianism is not left or right wing, it is anti-political authority), this is good stimulus to discuss anyway. 462 more words