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Elinor Ostrom

Economics is believed to be one of the unfriendliest sectors for women. This belief is strengthened by the lack of female economists at the higher echelons , as well. 190 more words


'Why China is creating a new "World Bank" for Asia' Economist, by S.R., Nov 11th 2014,

TO THE alphabet soup of international development banks (ADB, AfDB, CAF, EBRD, IADB), add one more set of initials: AIIB, or for the uninitiated, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. 530 more words


Europe and Islam: Degrees of separation | The Economist

Interesting overview of some of the debates in Europe over the role, or not, of the state, in training of Imams:

In addition to all these ideological issues, there is a hard reality to consider. 

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Artists and Hackers Create “Parallel” Economy at Cryptoanarchy Institute


In 2003, a group of Czech guerilla artists called Ztohoven began leaving their marks on government-claimed property in Prague. They turned a neon heart on a castle into a question mark. 544 more words


The Fed's FOMC Speeches Become More Complex Over Time As The Middle Class Feels More Abandoned

Students: You all have a final exam approaching in December, so I thought I would refresh your memories about our friends on Constitution Avenue in Washington DC. 311 more words