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Professor Stiglitz gets into a tangle on student debt

Professor Joseph Stiglitz is a Nobel-prize winning economist who sits on the Scottish Government’s Council of Economic Advisers.

On 14 September 2014 Scotland on Sunday carried… 376 more words


UK Finance sector wages: explaining their high level and growth..

Joanne Lindley and Steven McIntosh research the high wage premium in UK finance sector.  Earlier researchers at HBS looks at French finance sector.

They say it is basically because the sector distributes a higher share its profits within employees compared to other sectors: 598 more words

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T.L.T.R.O. is Too Low To Resuscitate Optimism

Silvia Meiser of Bruegel reflects on the low bidding for TLTRO funds.

Out of the expected EUR 180 bn of funds, banks only bid for EUR 83 bn: 326 more words

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Making sense of dissents: a history of FOMC dissents..

Dissent is part of human life. People assenting or dissenting to other’s views is quite common. However, when it comes to central banking it becomes quite abnormal and generates significant hype. 400 more words

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The Economist Considers Slavery and the Response is Immediate (A Round Up)

On Sept 4, 2014, the Economist reviewed Edward Baptist’s The Half Has Never Been Told: 2,296 more words


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Jessica Marie Johnson has posted a round up of reviews of Edward E. Baptist's new book, Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism at African Diaspora, Ph.D. blog. Her post not only dissects the reviews of Baptist book but she recounts the furor that followed the Economist's inconceivably stupid review of it. Johnson's post is good way to catch up on the ongoing discussions about Baptist's book.

Mainstream globalist propaganda reveals East/West conflict is a farce (included here . . . Update 1)

Several people have asked me to post this very interesting article – now, with an update included. They have asked my opinion of its premise. Rather than give it to begin with, I would ask that people who have interest read the article, consider it, consider the total picture of our present situation, and offer their own opinions. 4,765 more words


The Looming Death of Homo Economicus...

Dennis J. Snower, President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy makes another attempt to dump the rational man concept used in economics. 508 more words

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