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Using game of Scrabble to explain how countries grow..

Prof Ricardo Hausmann remains in top thinking and writing form. In this recent piece, he looks at convergence in incomes across countries and how certain countries have bridged the gap. 975 more words

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These 54 cities are more "liveable" than London and New York

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s latest “liveability” ranking is out, and it won’t make for happy reading in the world’s biggest business centers. The rankings are intended to measure the relative comfort of 140 cities where expat executives might conceivably find themselves living or visiting. 377 more words

Has Creative Destruction Become More Destructive?

John Komlos of Ludwig-Maximilians University reviews Schumpeter’s idea of creative destruction.

He says we take creative destruction for granted without really looking at overall value creation by the innovation. 694 more words

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Is Real Business Cycle Theory really a theory of business cycle?

Gradually, skeletons are falling off the economists cupboard. if this continues we shall be able to soon say that the economist emperor is indeed naked. That is a different story that the emperor will continue to charm the people as there is no alternative really. 513 more words

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Lack of consensus amidst economists- good or bad thing?

Dani Rodrik says it is a good thing that econs do not have  a consensus amidst them.  Though, it is not that econs always disagree as they do agree on many things. 197 more words

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How retail drug markets in poor countries develop...an example from India

Daniel Bennett and Wes Yin have this interesting piece in voxeu. Detailed paper here (should have been a better title; just skipped it on seeing the title earlier) 959 more words

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Unrecognised benefits of grade inflation..

Easier grades overtime have become an issue across most parts of the world. In India for instance, Delhi Univ increasingly sees admissions happening at 99%-100% and so is the case with other elite IIT/IIMs & other places. 464 more words

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