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As yields of Spanish and Greek Bonds equal US Treasury yields...

Christopher J. Neely of St Louis Fed says that despite the yields in two regions converging, risks remain in Europe. This is because bonds are paid in different currencies. 359 more words

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Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism Foundation

The Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism Foundation is advancing the education of the public in financial and monetary theory by providing work experience for students and young people at The Economist or some other suitable organisation. 190 more words

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Book review - Exorbitant Privelege

I just finished reading this book – Exorbitant  Privelege – by Prof Barry Eichengreen, leading econ historian.

The book is really good as it goes into history of American Dollar and what makes it the most preferred currency across the world. 193 more words

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From Abe's three arrows to Draghi's three arrows...

Nouriel Roubini monikered as Dr Doom suggests that like Japan’s three arrows, Europe also needs its three arrows.

There is one crucial difference though which Dr Roubuini misses. 112 more words

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Argentina’s use and abuse of Keynes

Andres Velasco in Proj Synd piece says how Arg has got the message from Keynes wrong. Well, it is rare that a country gets anything right in economics. 549 more words

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Ashura, Lebanon 2013 [Warning graphic]

Our coverage of Ashura for The Economist

THE excruciating wail could be heard without the microphones. On November 14th, thousands of women clad in black  42 more words


Il gelato di Renzi

Renzi viene raffigurato con un gelato in mano sulla copertina dell’Economist; sbatte i piedi per terra, chiama un carretto ed ordina 5 kg di gelato per offrirlo ai giornalisti: conto di mille euro per Palazzo Chigi. 64 more words

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