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Stigall Show Log 7.29.14

6:01 The United States is accusing Russia of violating a nuclear treaty.

6:22 The Phillies lost to the Mets last night 7-1.

6:52 Speaker of the House… 103 more words


Weekly roundup

Week ending 19-Jul-14:

  • Dick Cheney’s wireless heart monitor was modified to prevent remote assassination attempts. The “internet of things” is coming, and it’s a little scary.
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The world is ready for a global economic governance reform, are world leaders?

An interesting piece on Bruegel blog on global governance. They point to results from a survey amidst G20 leaders.


A survey of G20 practitioners reveals how, notwithstanding the post-crisis loss of momentum, the G20 is still considered a useful forum of discussions. 83 more words

Economics - Macro, Micro Etc

Why growing via value addition is not enough?

Ricardo Hausmann again questions the prevailing wisdom with respect to growth.

He says one of the standard growth mantras is value addition. Take a raw material and add value to it. 447 more words

Economics - Macro, Micro Etc

Teaching Kids News and Current Events

The other day as I was taking the kids to camp, I was (as usual) listening to NPR during the drive, and of course my kids listen a lot more than I think they are. 775 more words

Ages 6-8

Economist Debates: Debate on Greece Exclusive Economic Zone Video and Results disappear

On  20th June 2013 Economist organized a public debate  between Mr. Theodore Kariotis (Professor of Economics, University System of Maryland, USA ) and… 127 more words

Διάφορα Ελλάδα

How Lithuania'e entry changes the ECB’s voting system

This blog had pointed to how ECB will now change its MPC voting pattern as Lithuania becomes its 19th member. Earlier it was one person one vote and all 18 members voted. 547 more words

Economics - Macro, Micro Etc