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Brazil Real Intervention Out of Sync With Slowdown, IMF Says

Sebastian Boyd – Bloomberg, 7/29/2014

The International Monetary Fund said Brazilian central bank President Alexandre Tombini shouldn’t shore up the real as Latin America’s largest economy stalls and inflation accelerates. 115 more words

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Puerto Rico Policy Statement 2: Immigration

The recent Tsunami of illegal immigrants, many unaccompanied minors and small children across the southern border of the United States, highlights the need for a clear policy on immigration in the Republic of Puerto Rico.  785 more words


Argentina, another country for PR NOT to emulate

In political debate, looking to what other countries do is often used as a way of promoting a new idea or another.  It is also used to explain why a certain policy or system should not be used.  405 more words

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Brazil's Unaffordable Homes

Vanessa Barbara – The New York Times, 7/30/2014

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — I live in Mandaqui, a district six miles from downtown. The nearest subway station is roughly two miles away, or about 30 minutes by bus, since they’re slow and scarce. 242 more words

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Music in the new economy

This subject matter is a bit different from what I usually write about, but it unites my love of music with my philosophy. The internet is a tremendous force of change in the world and given the current developments it may be on its way to turning the entertainment industry into a prototype modern marketplace suited for a new world that champions freedom and fairness above everything else. 1,547 more words