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Transition Movement, an Introduction as to 'Why?'

Here is an introductory video from BenZolnoFilms ()

I’m learning more about this, and will try to pull some of the issues together. For now, this is a great video which explains the reasons for transition movements. 19 more words

Murders soar in Brazil World Cup city during police strike

Silvio Cascione – Reuters, 4/17/2014

A police strike ended on Thursday after unleashing a surge in violent crime in Brazil‘s third-largest city just two months before it is due to welcome hordes of football fans for the World Cup, authorities said. 71 more words

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With Brazil's Petrobras under fire for corruption, have Brazilians had enough?

Whitney Eulich – The Christian Science Monitor, 4/18/2014

Brazil’s leading Worker’s Party is under intense scrutiny this week amid Senate hearings and mounting allegations of corruption at Petrobras, the state-run oil company. 152 more words

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12 Reasons Why New Zealand's Economic Bubble Will End In Disaster - Forbes

“New Zealand’s economy has been hailed as one of world’s top safe-haven economies in recent years after it emerged from Global Financial Crisis relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, my research has found that many of today’s so-called safe-havens (such as Singapore) are experiencing economic bubbles that are strikingly similar to those that led to the financial crisis in the first place. 56 more words


How long will it take for the unemployed to find a job?

While market reports seem to be noting an upswing toward recovery in the U.S. economy, there are still many people who are unemployed that lost their jobs as a result of the Great Recession.   162 more words



While you can get away from civilization, or your manager, or your country for that matter you can’t escape the Tax Man.  There is an old American saying the only two things you can’t avoid are death and taxes. 447 more words

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