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Why You Should Seriously Consider Buying Precious Metals.

Author Sharon Remeikis

Money, Money Money. Money surrounds us. It’s essential to living mostly. If a person is homeless, has no car, lives under a bridge, in a tent or even in the woods they need money and survival skills to live. 1,123 more words

Monopoly Money

Money, although it is just paper, is the most powerful influence in this world. The United States economy is based on money. It’s funny because much of the money people use is electronic. 545 more words


Are College Loans the Crash of Your Life, Too?

Are student loans ruining your life? Have you lost hope in ever using that college degree and moving our of your parents home? Well according to Time magazines article, “Student Loans Ruining Your Life. 515 more words

Student Debt

تأملات ستولشنايية .....

تأملات ستولشنايية…..
أحياناً، شغلة صغيرة فجأة بتلفت إنتباهك، مع إنه عالشغلة طول عمرك بتشوفها وبتستعملها بدون ما تعيرها أي إهتمام لضحالة هاي الشغلة بحياتك السريعة، وما بعرف هو الواحد لما يكبر بيصير يدقر ولا هي فعلياً تأملات ستولشنايية، إلي بتخليك تركز على شغلة وتصفن وتقرر تشوف شو قصتها!؟


The Ubuntu and other Movements

This is an article in progress. Part of a look at alternative government systems, from the ubuntu contribution movement in Africa to the Venus Projects resource-based economy. 633 more words

PayPal Users Beware (When Using Gift Cards)

I use PayPal on a regular basis and for the most part I am completely satisfied with the services they provide. There’s a huge glitch in the system though and I want for you to be aware.  609 more words

Benefits Recipients Now Outnumber Full Time Private Sector Workers

Here’s something about income inequality the left will never understand. When there are more people riding in the cart than there are people who are pulling the cart, the whole thing eventually falls apart. 197 more words