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Cops should not be indicted for discharging their Duties.

The quiet competence of Officer Darren Wilson remains in question but not his actions in the line of duty. Misdirecting the fuming anger towards the lone officer will not help to prosecute dishonest politicians, administrators, trustees, prosecutors and other officials who are the true masters of the corrupt system or provide any comfort to Michael Brown family.   162 more words


Saarc's future lies in boosting trade within block

KATHMANDU (NEPAL): The leaders of the eight South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (Saarc) countries are meeting for the first time since the election of a new Indian government that is eager to avoid losing influence to rival power China. 547 more words


Otmane El Rhazi : Extend loan restructuring to underconstruction projs: SBI

Otmane El Rhazi from Moneycontrol Economy News.

An estimated Rs 20 trillion worth of projects are stuck at various stages for want of land, or environmental clearances or other regulatory or public approvals. 18 more words


6 Ways to help save the environment at Christmas ....

1. Reduce your festive season food waste – avoid over-catering.

2. Choose moments not things: don’t impulse buy – think about the purchase for a day or two.

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مخالفاً للقيم العربية والإسلامية والعادات والتقاليد الأردنية.....وعجبي!!!!

مخالفاً للقيم العربية والإسلامية والعادات والتقاليد الأردنية……وعجبي!!!!

انا، وأعوذ بالله من كلمة أنا، كمان ما بحب عروض الأزياء (ما عدا تبعت فاشون تي ڤي – ڤيكتوريا سيكرتس – رضي الله عنها -)، وأتصور عروض الأزياء التقليدية في العالم العربي، هي تقليد أعمى ومش من المستوى إنه نسميها عروض أزياء كونها مجرد تقليد مش بروفيشونال، بس السؤال، حتى لو ماكانت بروفيشونال، هل هي إلي “فقط” مخالفة للقيم العربية والإسلامية والعادات والتقاليد الأردنية (مع انه هاي العروض موجودة أردنياً من الستينات)، أكثر من مخالفة: 10 more words


Otmane El Rhazi : Warning: India's recovery may have hit a wall

Otmane El Rhazi from Moneycontrol Economy News.

Growth in Asia’s third largest economy decelerated to between 5-5.3 percent in the July-September quarter, down from 5.7 percent in the previous three months, according to analysts’ forecasts.


CBN Devalues Naira, Raises MPR to 13%

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) devalued the naira and raised interest rates by 100 basis points on Tuesday, as it sought to stem losses to its foreign reserves from defending the currency hit by weaker oil prices. 272 more words