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Happy Halloween - Hug a Spider!

Spiders are a common feature of Halloween decor spreading a very inaccurate reputation of being scary and dangerous.  Spiders offer far more benefits than threats to humans so today we will use Halloween to help right the wrongs of spider-fear. 207 more words

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What we're reading: Oct 31, 2014

SNPits Publications
Congrats to SNPits writers Emily and Stephanie on new publications released this work. Emily’s work (open) estimates the population size of black bears ( 262 more words

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The dynamics of large wood in forest rivers - new research paper

I have a bit of cutting edge science for you today in the shape of a summary of a recently accepted paper of mine from the journal… 1,201 more words


Resilient Landscapes

I recently attended a woodland conference. What was really nice about it was that it was held in the middle of the woodland and we actually moved around looking at the issues discussed. 653 more words


A world without Pandas – would it make a difference? OR Conservation versus eradication – do some species deserve to die?

Before you all get excited and ready to shoot me down in flames, this post is not about pandas ;-) It is about how we, as humans, have a very warped view about the value of the species with whom we share this planet – note I did not say OUR planet. 1,489 more words


An Economic and Constitutional defense of Florida’s Amendment 1

Vote Yes on Amendment 1, here’s why.

Voters filling out ballots in the coming days for Florida’s November 4th election may have heard several arguments for and against Amendment 1. 2,481 more words

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Ecohydrology in New Zealand. Water supply issues and the threat of drought for forests

Under a changing climate, parts of New Zealand will become warmer and drier. As yet, we know very little about the impact this will have on vegetation. 242 more words

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