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Ecosystem restoration: Out with the new, in with the old

Restoring ecosystems is becoming a leading priority worldwide and at the United Nations, the European Commission, leading conservation organizations, and at multinational resource corporations and development banks. 475 more words


Can 'homo economicus' help save the environment?

by Sirca S. Gogus

A contemplation about the economic human, homo economicus, its so-called “rational” strive to maximise human well-being at the expense of the environment and whether Payments for Ecosystem Services can prove to be the panacea or, in fact,  bring us perilously closer to commodification of nature.

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Climate Change Adaptation

New Paper - What Personal and Environmental Factors Determine Frequency of Urban Greenspace Use?

We have a new paper out in a Special Issue “Health Benefits of Nature” in the Open Access journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 176 more words

Human-wildlife Interactions

The Snakes and Ladders of Ecosystem Services

The trend towards applying economic value to forest ecosystems is contentious. While the valuing of the processes of nature (“ecosystem services”) or valuing of their stock value (“natural capital”) is potentially advantageous in helping to tackle challenges of nature’s conservation and protection, it is not unambiguously beneficial. 403 more words


Species richness - what is it good for?

Species richness is the iconic measure of biodiversity. It is simple to interpret* and it is one of the most commonly measured metrics in ecology. From the early beginnings of ecology Darwin, Wallace and von Humbolt noted the striking differences in the number of species found in different places and ecologists are still fascinated by it .  1,002 more words


Online Guidebook To Ecosystem Services Concepts for Federal Resource Managers and Planners

The FRMES project will culminate with publication of an online guidebook describing what ecosystem services are and why their identification and valuation can be useful to federal resource managers and planners. 224 more words

Nature Conservation

Even with the Threat of More Monster Storms, Shorelines Can Be Public Spaces

At a lecture on resilient waterfront design at the Center for Architecture in New York, two projects now in the works show how public spaces can still be created on shorelines, even in the era of the monster storm: the… 631 more words

Landscape Architecture