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Life in the swishing lane: A PhD’s perspective on being part of an EU project

by Victoria Wickens

A lucky few get the chance to be part of European projects, such as STEP (Status and Trends of European Pollinators, http://www.step-project.net/). I have been one of those lucky ones and I hoped to share some insights I have had along the way. 458 more words

Current Research

Do you know about ecosystem services?

Processes carried out by nature are not only crucial for the survival of life on earth, they’re also worth billions of dollars. If you want to read up on ecosystem services a concise and informative paper called “Ecosystem services in urban areas” by Bolund and Hunhammar 1999 is a great place to start.

Attracting wildlife with your garden

The National Trust made a great brief video on attracting wildlife to your garden. It touches on how to attract birds, insects and small mammals into your gardens – 

How Many Benefits Does Commercial Forestry Provide?

by Emil Morhardt

Forestry economists worry about whether foresters can claim more societal benefits, including offsetting the effects of climate change, from forestry than merely the increased supply of trees; in econ-speak, “…what change in human well-being results from increasing, reducing or qualitatively varying…” the supply of ecosystem services commercial forests provide? 499 more words

Emil Morhardt

Why Biodiversity is Good for your Health

‘Ecosystem services’ is a phrase readily used when discussing conservation measures. It refers to the benefits that we receive from the natural world such as carbon sequestration, nutrient cycling, pollination and drought prevention. 934 more words



The ban on international ivory trade in the late 1980’s enacted by the United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, significantly reduced the anthropogenic effects on African elephants from the pressures of illegal poaching. 1,088 more words