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Lake District Futures - Reflections 4 - It's not what you do... It's the way that you do it

Much of the Lake District Futures project focused on the influence of perception, which in turn highlighted that it is not always what you do in land management but how you do it. 277 more words

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Free Ecosystem Services To Help Farmers Managing Crops

European scientists have been developing a web-based tool for farmers so they can see what is available in terms of ecosystem services.

Ecosystem services are free, but often hidden. 26 more words


Hidden threats to Biodiversity in Local Government

A meeting in Westminster of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Biodiversity (APPG) in September 2014 concluded that the lack of ecological capacity in our local authorities as not only a major threat to biodiversity loss, it also opens our Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) to significant reputational risk and the likelihood of criminal prosecution. 750 more words

Ecosystem Services

JSPS Invitational Fellowship

Together with Dr. Hisako Nomura, I have recently been awarded a short term Invitational Fellowship by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) 78 more words


Bees & Weeds

On September 9th 2014 we launched our latest project – Bees & Weeds with our favourite collaborators, the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.   Jane King and Neil Mabbs we were joined by over fifty art students from… 403 more words


Lake District Future - reflections 2 - What is the Purpose of the Lakes National Park?

It is a simple, but fundamental question – what is the Lake District National Park for, what should it focus on and why do we have it – a few quotes and facts that show that the question is far from simple: 201 more words

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Natural value: Pricing ecosystems, and its implications for conservation policy

You don’t have to look far to find stories of species or ecosystems under threat. Whether it’s the critically endangered black rhinoceros in Africa, or the local wetlands under threat from urban sprawl, our collective failure to protect the world’s natural heritage can seem exasperating. 173 more words