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4 Tasks for Google to Become THE Robot Taxi Company!

Who likes riddles?

  1. Which company seems out of place in this list?

According to Wikipedia on Autonomous car: Numerous major companies and research organizations have developed working prototype autonomous vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Continental Automotive Systems, Autoliv Inc., Bosch, Nissan, Toyota, Audi, Volvo, … and Google. 1,262 more words

My Thoughts

Ecology vs Economy - Which green is more important?

There is absolutely no doubt about it. A healthy economy today is directly in opposition to a healthy ecosystem. No question (from my point of view) that a nonsensical lifestyle bearing little resemblance to a harmonious whole, exists today. 340 more words


Opposition to the Installation of Greenway Trails for Bicycling and Walking

By Dom Nozzi

An enormous number of Americans are fiercely opposed to the installation of bicycle and pedestrian greenway trails near their homes. As a greenway planner for Gainesville FL in the 1990s, I was shocked and disappointed by the level of hysterical opposition to something that one would think is a welcome addition to any residential area. 721 more words


Why dontcha come on down, and let me show you what I got now...

That, my friends is the opening line to one of my all time favorite songs, “Rock This House.” We are in for three weeks of house rockin’ science. 208 more words

Still up high

More fall colors up high in the mountains of Central Colorado. Aspens are glowing down below so it’s time to get out and get a few photos.

Meet Tundra..

My newly adopted wolf! I’ve been meaning to do this since forever…

How beautiful is she? Stunning Tundra is three years old and lives at the… 122 more words


Tyrannical Dust Mites

Spooned up from the depths of the earth

I grow like a bush here, fed by life-dearth

cycles, unfolding, splitting out of my skin

Evacuating past meals, and making sense of the din… 162 more words