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Sunning and scratching.

A young Black Crowned Night Heron enjoying a nice winters day on the south platte river. Denver, CO.

Dinner time?

Coyote on the prowl in yellowstone National Park, WY.

Premiere of Origins the Movie

This is a longer video clip than I would normally post, but the opportunity to watch for free is a good one. The Origins film is an inspiring documentary that explores taking care of ourselves and taking care of the environment.  215 more words



Once domestic but now free, an apple tree thrives when left to grow on it’s own terms underneath an old cottonwood tree. Something to aspire to….. 9 more words

why do I do this?

Nick says:

I was working in a streetside garden one day and a young girl stopped by, with her dad in tow. She looked about five or six years old. 750 more words


The Earth at Gunpoint: How does war change ecosystems?

War. What is it good for? Absolutely not the environment. In July 2014 alone, a total of 10 wars and 8 serious armed conflicts were in progress worldwide, from Yemen to the Ukraine (Goldstein, J., 2014). 1,223 more words

Ecosystem Health

The Future of Postsecondary Education

Reposted from Deloitte University Press:

The increasingly disparate needs and expectations of individual learners are fueling the growth of a rich ecosystem of semi-structured, unorthodox learning providers at the “edges” of the traditional higher educational system. 244 more words