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How The European Tech Ecosystem Is Shaping Up

A group of important ecosystem builders took the stage at Disrupt Europe to give us a picture of the European tech landscape. The common thread was about the current state of the ecosystem compared to five years ago. 102 more words


Documented Disobedience I

Bernhard Bischoff

Click here to view the collection on the State Library of Western Australia’s website

This link will take you through to a collection of documents regarding a proposed park land – the Preston River to Ocean Regional Park (PRORP) in Bunbury, WA. 216 more words


A living landscape

It is easy to look at the scenery of Vermont, especially in the Fall, like it is just another pretty picture in a tourist magazine. Why? 453 more words



One of the things that makes Cal Poly Pomona unique is its embrace of renewable technology. An example is its aquaponics demonstration. It was put together but some students under the guidance of a professor pretty recently. 214 more words


Random Thought Of The Day 10/18/2014

I was thinking this morning as I shook off a really bad hangover, that if we pictured the planet as a giant head, and the trees were it’s hair, then that pretty much makes our entire species no more then a really industrious case of headlice.


Living dangerously on borrowed time during slow, unrecognized Regime Shifts

Regime shifts from one ecological state to another are often portrayed as sudden, dramatic, and difficult to reverse. Yet many regime shifts unfold slowly and imperceptibly after a… 94 more words


Turning back from the Brink - Detecting an impending Regime Shift in time to Avert it

Ecological regime shifts are large, abrupt, long-lasting changes in ecosystems that often have considerable impacts on human economies and societies. Avoiding unintentional regime shifts is widely regarded as desirable, but prediction of… 220 more words