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New Wamda Research Lab report sheds light on MENA investment landscape and future opportunities

Entrepreneurs that have the ambition to grow their company often reference limited funding as a barrier to achieving their goals. Whether just starting out, launching a new product or expanding into a new country, access to capital is a critical resource that is not always easy to obtain. 572 more words


Deep Blue Sea

It is amazing how the color of the water can change from one day to another based upon the sky. From blue to green to a deep foreboding black. 31 more words

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in DDUC

Ecosystem stands for all the elements of an environment, and entrepreneurship for the process of organizing, managing and assuming the risks of business.

So, entrepreneurship added to ecosystem gives us the “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” that accordingly refers to the elements outside the entrepreneur that are inhibitive of the choice of a person to become an entrepreneur and sometimes the probabilities of his or her success after the launch of the venture. 562 more words

Milk Thistle

Late October is the time when Milk Thistle releases it’s seeds and boy how I love looking at these. So many variations on a theme each unique in some wonderful way.

King Moe

I have a pet shrimp named Moe. He lives in a self contained eco-system that I keep on my living room table.

Quick science for anyone confused about the whole concept of the glass shrimp globe home: There is a plant, water and an air pocket. 250 more words

Vegetarian vs. Non-vegetarian: The ceaseless debate

Although I consider this a pointless debate, I still feel compelled to write on this topic as I see a lot of discussion on it these days. 808 more words


Student Perspective: Lily

  The science research course at Ridgefield high school granted me a once in a lifetime opportunity to work in a university laboratory along side professors and graduate students.  247 more words