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Earth Day 2014 – Why is this century so important for the survival of humans?

Earth Day is an annual event on the 22nd April, first celebrated in 1970, which is coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network focused on environmental protection. 834 more words


Cierre del proyecto INDEMARES

Casi 5 millones de hectáreas por explorar, diez socios y un presupuesto de 15,4 millones de euros. En 2009 este fue el punto de partida del proyecto LIFE+ INDEMARES, el mayor esfuerzo realizado hasta la fecha para mejorar el conocimiento y la protección de la extraordinaria riqueza marina española. 94 more words

Mediterranean News

Who am I? The question every brand and leader must ask



There is great power to be wielded every time we ask ourselves that elementary question; Who am I?, We can ask that question both for our personal brand and the brands we champion in the market. 616 more words

Envisioning A World Without McDonald's

Seeing the latest rounds of advocacy in NYC and the U.S. around living wage, corporate greed, and affordable quality education; I see common arguments emerging when this organizing hits the airwaves: 720 more words


The Banks Could Use a Biology Lesson (Part I)

If you’re alive and not living under a rock, you have probably heard the phrase “too big to fail” tossed around in reference to some of the biggest banks in the world. 356 more words


Willows and Rooting Hormone

I was planning on writing about willow water today, but found a great article from Deep Green Permaculture on the subject already. Rooting hormone can be purchased at the store, but a natural method of collecting indolebutyric acid and salicylic acid involves a couple of seriously simple steps. 19 more words


Book Review: The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith

The Vegetarian Myth, written by a former vegan of twenty years, is a detailed examination of the fallacies behind the three most common reasons for being a vegetarian. 1,222 more words