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Dagny Taggart - You’ve Been Cropped: The Case to Abolish Farm Subsidies

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Farm subsidies were originally created to provide assistance to family farmers. They were supposed to be taxpayer-friendly ways of supporting small farms, keeping the agriculture industry successful and helping all citizens to be able to afford basic staples. 2,372 more words

Government Policy

The Yamfly Butterfly

Yamfly butterflies are found across India and are commonly seen in the Western Ghats. They are especially numerous during the monsoon season in damp forest patches. 58 more words


REDD reveals "a microcosm of global political alliances, resentment, mistrust, economic opportunism and post-colonial guilt"

In this blog post Mike Musgrave considers the REDD+ roadblock. It dates from Feb 2013, but really little has changed on the negotiation sides, yet it is true that many forest rich developing countries have made progress towards preparedness and certain funds have been accumulated – the full post can be read… 249 more words


BioBlitz results!

On May 3, 2014, over a hundred volunteers with scientific backgrounds gathered at Minnewaska State Park Preserve in Ulster County and Clark Reservation State Park in Onondaga county for two concurrent Bioblitzes, 24-hour inventories of the park’s biodiversity. 564 more words

Park Projects

Deafeningly Deviled Advocacy

When I was in grade school, I once had a class debate project. The issues and positions were randomly assigned. Since fate clearly has a sense of humor, I was assigned to support continued deforestation. 720 more words

Marine Mammals

Forest Eradication and Significant Ecological Damage.

Obviously, human activities result in many environmental changes that enhance species ecosystems and ecological processes, although at the same time, cause significant damage to others.  The challenge for the concept of ecological integrity is to provide a means of distinguishing between responses that represent improvements in the quality of ecosystems, and those that are degradations.  466 more words

Greenhouse Effect

Chiefs Rule !

Enlightened Traditional leaders are essential in the fight against illegal timber extraction in Zambia. Read on here