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Before pictures, P90X3 MASS

These are my before pictures. I am doing P90X3 the MASS workout. After the 90 days I will post my after pictures. I am starting this at 150 lbs and hoping to get up to at least 165.

Don't Worry About "BMI" Scales - Just Hit The Weights!

Referring to the ubiquitous BMI calculator, at 5’9″ and 170 lbs  I am classified as an overweight individual,  sob.   ;)   I can’t understand it – I’ve worked out religiously all my life and my body fat is only about 8 or 9%, what am I doing wrong?? 247 more words


Difference Between Good Pain and Bad Pain:

Perhaps the biggest adjustment a young ecto has to make when beginning his journey to the body he wants is learning how to lift with intensity. 494 more words


Do I Need Protein Shakes?

Do I Need Protein Shakes?:

Simple answer? Come on, there’s never a simple answer in bodybuilding. But here’s how I would break it down: 436 more words



In fitness, it is important to understand your body before beginning a program. Among humans, there are three major body types (somatotypes) and it will give you a huge advantage in your training to know which somatotype you are closest to. 439 more words


One of the most important factors in building muscle mass is intensity, ESPECIALLY for ectos, and incorporating better practices during you training sessions can be the difference between making gains and staying in homeostasis. 583 more words


Keep it Simple Sweetheart: Metabolic Rate

Diabolic Metabolic Lies

The word metabolism is used more than the excuse “I don’t have time for exercise.” The word “metabolism” refers to the processes required to maintain life. 737 more words