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Orange Basil Halibut

Happy F.R.I.D.A.Y. Really trying extra extra hard to eat slim and healthy meals with the Gobble Gobble Day approaching in a steady stream of speed! So this is what… 245 more words

Entree Seafood

Getting Out and Getting Involved

It is easy to feel alone in a brand new environment despite the thousands of people that surround you. Being away from home and everything and everyone you know is always a challenge for college students, especially freshman. 559 more words


Getting to know your professors

Having any sort of relationship with your professors outside of the daily classroom setting might seem weird, even slightly uncomfortable depending on who you ask, but in reality it is one of the most important relationships you can develop while in college. 417 more words


Guide to Dorm Living

Living with a large group of people is not only a change of pace from living in a house or apartment, but it can often be a culture shock as well. 958 more words

East Carolina University

Two For Me!

Ms. Ruth contacted me to order two college scarves for her granddaughters. Her niece, Brandy had posted a picture of the scarf I made one for a few weeks ago, and she just loved it! 16 more words

Curing Homesickness

For many college students, whether they are five hours away from home or five miles, getting homesick is bound to happen. As much as you dislike your annoying siblings or get mad at your overbearing parents, you start to miss them after a while. 289 more words


Thinking about joining a sorority? Here's some helpful info!

What do most girls look for in a sorority? They look for life long friends, someone who will always have their back, and sisters that will be yours forever. 498 more words