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(Foreward: Deidre and I decided to do the Galápagos Islands on an extreme budget and so we have set out to do this trip as cheaply as humanly possible. 1,210 more words


Montañita a San Cristobal

I wasn’t entirely sure what i had expected to find in Montañita. I had heard raving reviews as well as harsh criticism. Ultimately, Montañita is a beach town that caters to surfers and people that like to party. 1,998 more words



I had planned to go to Montañita for my 24th birthday since a month and a half ago. I wanted to go somewhere where I could go to the beach and also have some lively night life at my disposal if I so wanted, so it seemed to be the ideal destination. 564 more words


San Clemente Smoke-Fest

A few months ago we bought some pork chop (chuleta) roasts to slow cook on our barbecue/smoker.  The results were absolutely amazing, so we shared some of the moist smoky pork with some friends.  469 more words

Ecuador Living

Restaurant Reviews: Burgers (and Sandwiches) of Baños

Believe it or not, Baños, Ecuador is home to some of the best burgers I have ever tasted. For such a tiny place, there are a ton of restaurants that serve burgers, and not just basic, simple beef patties with a bun and maybe lettuce and tomato. 922 more words


There's no place like home.

Ever since I have gotten back from Ecuador, I’ve been homesick for South American. I miss the culture. I miss the easy-going speed of life there. 625 more words

Baños Day 2: Rafting

It’s 6 am. Some girl is yelling. In Russian. From the next story up. Her friend answers from close by outside our window. For the next hour and a half every Russian chick in the hostel is in the courtyard outside our room Skyping their boyfriends. 2,063 more words