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This isn’t exactly the person at work but I still wanted to include it because of the beautiful simplicity. I really like how Edward Clark has captured the tranquility of this farmer amongst his crops. 171 more words

The Person At Work

David MacNaughton: Build infrastructure through sales, not debt

I have always been mystified by the attachment many of my fellow Liberals hold to the notion of public ownership of operating companies. The federal Liberals shed this long-held article of faith in the mid-90s for a simple reason: they didn’t have a choice. 725 more words

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A "paid-for" monopoly is still a monopoly

If you follow beer politics—or “Beerlitics” as no one calls it—you’re probably aware that recently the provincial government received (yet another) recommendation on how the province might handle the hideous bitch goddess we know as our province’s retail alcohol beverage industry. 1,086 more words

The Politics Of Drinking

Has increased market concentration in publicly-paid for, sold-off assets sectors usually lead to higher or lower end prices to consumers in the past?

It is no secret that Ontario faces some financial challenges.

Currently, Midhurst is served by Hydro One for electrical distribution but it appears that could change soon. 260 more words

Province Of Ontario

Parker Gallant: Maximizing the mess with Ontario's electricity assets

Hydro One paid $93-million for Norfolk Power, about 28.5 times profits. That’s pure insanity

Ontario’s electricity sector is in rough shape, burdened with escalating costs and an interfering government. 852 more words

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Terence Corcoran: Fun and profit with Ontario's liquor and electricity monopolies

Ontario’s plan to extract billions from its monopolies can only mean more power to the monopolies

Long before Ed Clark became CEO of TD Bank he was know as “Red Ed,” especially in Calgary, where Mr. 910 more words

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Ontario urged to 'stand up' to Beer Store owners

Ontario’s government is being urged to make changes to the way it permits the sale of alcohol in the province — but, not too much. 522 more words