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Goldberg, Williamson on Ginsberg: ‘We Only Whisper It’, 'Abort the Poor'

Justice Ginsburg sings another verse of “Kill the Poor.”

Kevin D. Williamson writes: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, having decided for some inexplicable reason to do  603 more words


The Daily GOP Ignominious: Eric Cantor From House Leader To Nascent Wall Street Functionary

He Can Now Hear members of Congress on Behalf of Wall Street !% (ers)

It should have been clear to all, especially voters in Virginia’s 7th District, Eric Cantor was not working to become a leader of the House based on his “love of country.” Cantor from day one appeared to approach his work as that of a self-serving Silas Marner, who’s every move gave him opportunity to snuggle with Wall Street lobbyist and money-wielders. 830 more words


Clean Water: Another Reason to Invest in Infrastructure

Toxic Waters

Many of us recognize that we need massive investments in infrastructure in America. Now, most people think infrastructure are roads and bridges and rail.

16 more words

Is Big Oil Fracking the New Tobacco??

A lot more years ago than I care to remember, the biggest event to happen on my family’s farm was the day we got our first TV and entered into a brand new world of make believe. 795 more words

The Problem of Open-mindedness (or the Lack Thereof)

It is disappointing how many conversations I have been involved in where people claim to be open-minded only to divert to a solid stance later in the conversation that they didn’t realize they had. 474 more words