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More controversy at MSNBC

After the DNC accuses MSNBC of a double standard regarding their anchors’ political activities, Brian Stelter and Frank Sesno analyze the left-leaning network’s policy.


Ohio As A Battle Ground Against GOP Voter Suppression

Wiki Images Wiki Images Norman Rockwell’s rendition of the struggle!


The following video segment is critical.  Ed Schultz ran the segment last night, and it should reverberate across the nation. 197 more words


MSNBC Forbids Ed Schultz From Dem Fundraiser But Allows Joe Scarborough to Raise GOP Cash

Looks like Joe Scarborough is the boss’ pet over at MSNBC.  MSNBC seems to “Lean Right” (behind the scenes)…not ‘Forward’


The MSNBC double standard is on full display as the network made Ed Schultz cancel an appearance at a Democratic fundraiser, but is allowing Joe Scarborough to speak at a Republican cash grab. 339 more words


Ed Schultz - Believes his own "Bullsh**"

A few years ago, the Ed Schultz radio show was broadcast on a station I managed in Cincinnati.  The station and Ed had few listeners and rumors soon hit the streets the station would be changing format.   316 more words


[AUDIO] NSFW: MSNBC's Ed Schultz Goes Cuckoo-Bananas on Caller, Drops F-Bomb Before Censors Catch It

If your computer volume is up and unsuspecting people are standing nearby, you might want to adjust the volume before hitting “play” on this YouTube clip… 100 more words


MSNBC's Ed Schultz gets pwned by ex-GOP rep over 'phony' O-care signup numbers

That’s good advice. Otherwise, he might actually explode!

If you’re one of those “right wing talkers” who dares to question the Obama White House, chronic gasbag Ed Schultz has a challenge for you: 171 more words

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Ed Schultz Blasts Conservatives for 'Jihad' Against ObamaCare

Matt Hadro,  News Busters

In the latest of countless hate-filled smears, venom, and name-calling towards conservatives by his MSNBC colleagues, Ed Schultz accused right-wing radio on Thursday of launching a “jihad” against ObamaCare.