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How to Protect Your Church Members from Being Stolen

Recently, pastor and theologian David Fitch engaged Ed Stetzer on his data about megachurches and sheep stealing, it seemed that the only thing they could agree on is that there were too many church transfers.


Where did megachurches come from?

This article discusses some of the people and organizations that helped create the megachurches that dominate American Christianity today.


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The Shifts of the Missional Church

The Blind Beggar takes some of the shifts found in Ed Stetzer and David Putnam’s book, Breaking the Missional Code and adds some of his own. 114 more words

Is an Online Church Really a Church?

It depends on how you define church.  But if your definition of church is, or approximates the following, then I can’t see how you can honest conclude that an online church is really a church: 271 more words

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Happier Elsewhere: Singing 'Happy Trails' to ... Some

I appreciate the practical wisdom Ed Stetzer provides in a post titled: Why I Have No Difficulty Helping “Issue Christians” to Move On.  Few seem to think this way in our consumerist church culture, where numbers are the only measuring stick of success, and faithfulness is but a tool to… well, numerical success – so long as it works.  516 more words


Multisite Churches: Here to Stay?

Pastor, researcher and church planter Ed Stetzer asks some good questions about planting multisite churches:

Are multisite churches really here to stay? Are multisite churches wise when it comes to accomplishing the mission of God?

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