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Toy Machine

New Toy Machine boards at Classic. You buy now!

Toy Machine Ed Templeton Insecurity

Limited edition Ed Templeton Insecurity boards from Toy Machine at Classic. A throwback to his New Deal days, Ed chose a classic shape for this reissue. 24 more words

Epicly Later'd: Ed Templeton (Part 5)

In part five, we take a look at Ed’s life as an artist. From being coaxed out of hoarding his early paintings in Huntington Beach to confronting the homophobia of the 90s New York skate scene and finally finding success with his Teenage Smokers series, Ed’s art career has been defined in much the same way as his skate career—Ed just does Ed until people get it. 60 more words

Epicly Later'd: Ed Templeton (Part 4)

In part four, Ed finds himself out of work and in the depths of an uninspired era for skateboarding. But out of the dregs of the 90s came Ed’s ambition to strike out on his own and found a scrappy company called Toy Machine. 77 more words

Epicly Later'd: Ed Templeton (Part 3)

In part three of Ed’s Epicly Later’d, Ed looks back what was arguably the peak of his skate career—when he dropped out of high school to conquer Europe in 1990, landing the covers of Thrasher and Transworld in the process. 106 more words

Toy Machine, Foundation, & Pig Wheels.

New Toy Machine, Foundation wood, and the latest wheels by Pig are at Classic. Quality goods built to destroy.

Epicly Later'd: Ed Templeton (Part 1 & 2)

This man is the true and original spirit of skating. Enjoy.

Ed Templeton has been a super-obvious choice for Epicly Later’d since the early days of the show. 179 more words