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So let's get this out in the open....

One of the reasons I am blogging is to work through an affair I have had, or maybe I’m still having, I’m never really sure with him. 984 more words

Other Woman

January - March 2014

The place we had rented with a Ghanaian couple was nice, but it was difficult to have guests which rather cramped out style. So, in February we started looking for an apartment to rent. 883 more words


Then and now.

My life today is very different to my life 2 years ago. Here is what a typical day might have been for me in 2012. 882 more words

Shoes Help

Anyone who knows me also knows that I obsessively buy shoes. They think it’s a problem. I can see the judgement in my friends’ eyes when they come over and see the lines of neatly organized shoes on my shelves, the curiosity and bemusement that they display when I go a month and a half without wearing the same pair twice. 626 more words

My MOD : movement of the day

I have no workout program; no agenda of strength training x times a week, cardio on so many days, stretching and so on. Perhaps there will be a time where I will need to have some sort of exercise schedule, but as off now I can’t deny I am loving the liberty of going with the flow. 387 more words


"Not eating meat is a decision, eating meat is an instinct."

So day 40 has finally arrived. Ive been giving up meat for lent and Ive got to say It was quite harder than I thought. The first 2-3 weeks were okay and my body was getting used to eating more fruit and veg. 296 more words


Me and Mia

Getting diagnosed is a weird experience. Even when you know something’s wrong – when you’ve all but diagnosed yourself in your head – you can feel like you’ve been slammed against a wall when a doctor tells you, yeah, this is what you have. 355 more words