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Still alive (ed)

5 days into cross country journey. One day behind where we were 38 years ago. Not too bad with the Niagara Falls stop in there. Drove almost 2000 miles so far. 173 more words


I haven’t written in 2 days cuz my phone wasn’t loading the new post page.
I got a job!!! Woo hoo. Cooking at the truck stop. 252 more words

descend into the valleys

I am so emotionally raw right now. I have not felt this vulnerable in a long while. For a time, I’ve avoided talking about what needed to be talked about. 568 more words


24/07/2014 - Mindfulness

Today I attended my first group meeting. There were two women who were conducting the course, and 6 of us. It was held in a very high class hotel which I loved, and they provided tea, coffee and water for us (being a 5 star establishment I took it upon myself to trust the cleanliness and the milk and had numerous cups of tea!!). 510 more words


Day 3 of Zoloft.

Yesterday morning I was having really bad ‘brain shakes’ They basically are when you feel like your brain is vibrating and you cant focus on anything. 83 more words

Dear Dad...

There is no song to go with this one, I genuinely just took out all my frustration toward my dad and wrote this, need to share it in some way (don’t even have his address) but imagine he seen this on google… that would be amazing and terrifying all in one. 1,306 more words

23/07/14 - What is 'relaxing'?

I don’t ‘relax’.
I don’t really know what counts as ‘relaxing’. For me relaxing is the day that I am so exhausted my body goes numb and I cannot get out of bed. 452 more words