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believe it.

I can feel myself breaking, I’ve been saying it for weeks. But it’s not that sudden shatter of dropping glass on cement. It is the painfully slow decaying that goes unnoticed by so many until it is too late and it’s collapsing under the pressure. 145 more words

Relapse, Resist, Recover

It was a Wednesday night. I, seventeen at the time, was in my room, studying for AP Psychology. My parents had long gotten used to my study habits. 960 more words

discharged !!

So the past few days have been crazy once again. I am not complaining….well i am but i never seem to get a freaking break these days. 307 more words

Likeness - Pain from Beauty

Last year Elle Fanning was Mia.

Rodrigo Prieto is a mexicain photographer who worked on several movies such as BiutifulBabel21 Grams  396 more words

Short Film

Still alive (ed)

5 days into cross country journey. One day behind where we were 38 years ago. Not too bad with the Niagara Falls stop in there. Drove almost 2000 miles so far. 173 more words


I haven’t written in 2 days cuz my phone wasn’t loading the new post page.
I got a job!!! Woo hoo. Cooking at the truck stop. 252 more words

descend into the valleys

I am so emotionally raw right now. I have not felt this vulnerable in a long while. For a time, I’ve avoided talking about what needed to be talked about. 568 more words