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Edchat - A Measure of School Quality

What are the teachers discussing in your school?

My 15 years of working in schools tells me that high school teachers talk firstly about non school issues, secondly about problems with the school administration and thirdly about current progress on the course calendars. 650 more words


Digital Storytelling

Here is my first venture into digital storytelling. I constructed a simple six word story about a realization as a writer. I used a few tools to help me accomplish this image. 440 more words

ECMP 355

Growth Mindset and EAL Students

I’m writing a little earlier than normal this week because I’m away tomorrow (Friday) as I’ll be attending the SIS EAL Conference at Shekou International School… 534 more words

Bret's $.02

Creating your first Google Earth content is harder than it looks.

The first time your create content in Google Earth it will be awful.

I mean dreadfully awful. Sorry to break it to you but just like learning calculus or Roman History, it takes a little bit of time immersed in a thing to ‘get it’. 519 more words


It's been a tough year...so I need to establish some poise?

This is a tough year.

I feel like that has been the mantra for teachers and me for the last few years.  Is it the Common Core?  

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#4thChat 4th Grade

Google Earth navigation hacks

This is the third post about teachers using Google Earth to enhance student engagement with learning. Students are put in charge of creating content to help build context and perspective about any topic they want to study. 490 more words


What's wrong with the A-F grading policy.

The case for Pass/Fail in Secondary Schools

When my wife told me that most medical schools in the US are pass/fail, I was dumbstruck. “What do you mean?”, I asked incredulously. 517 more words