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40 Weeks Plus 3 Days & When Will Baby Make His Debut?

So our estimated due date of 8/5 has come and gone and now I am sitting idle awaiting labor to start.

I had thought all along that I would give birth today on 8/8 which was our first babys’ estimated due date three years ago today and a very special day that I will always hold dear to my heart. 176 more words


Spare, Spare Time

As my followers on Twitter know I fill most of my daily life being the Senior Producer: Social & Syndication for The Open University and that my doctorate I’m undertaking on a three year programme (which is what this blog is about) in my spare time.   354 more words

Year One

Engineering Students Helping Others

Here is an interesting, well-produced video showing an example of a Project Lead the Way senior design project. It all starts with a problem to solve and these students decided to help a fellow student. 20 more words


Learning about Learning Design

As my doctorate is on the learning design of a journey, I have started my research with understanding how the learning design of courses is conducted at The Open University, to see how I could apply this methodology to a journey and what elements I would need to tweak or introduce to a journey-specific learning design.  435 more words

Year One

The Story So Far...

So following on from my ‘about me, myself, and how am I here?’ section I think it best to update you with where I am to date and then promise faithfully to update my blog on a regular basis with my thoughts and findings as I progress through my doctorate to my viva, and hopefully post a few happy celebratory photos in the concluding installments on my journey to become Dr Gore (I know, I would have made for a great hammer horror style surgeon). 515 more words

Year One

Education and equality: A critique of the ‘poverty of aspiration’ agenda

You can find a guest blog from Kim Allen (CelebYouth) and myself on the BERA respecting children and young people blog. This excellent project seeks to stimulate public debate on Social Justice in education in the lead up to the 2015 elections and I am very happy to have contributed to it. 27 more words


MERVelous Doctoral Degree Programs in Nursing and Education

Summer is a very busy time at GMercyU! I chuckle when people say: “Don’t you have the summers off?” Well, that may be the folklore but the reality of the situation is that summer is a happenin’ time at the University. 218 more words