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Daily Health Tips: What Is The Cause Of Pregnancy Going Over Its Estimated Date Of Delivery (EDD)?

Q: Good day ma’am. Well done for your lectures. We are really learning a lot from you. Please, ma’am, answer me, I am deeply worried. Please, what can make child labour (delivering of a child) not to come forth, even when the date stated by Scan has been reached? 401 more words

Still Motivated to Learn?

This fortnight I have continued with my reading on motivation of students, again my frustration has continued with the limited papers available on the motivation of learners in a non/informal learning environment, so with the previous blog post I have been reading about motivation in formal teaching for students and applied it to non/informal learning. 2,318 more words


Defined by BPD

Having a breakdown at 27 was devastating. My life stopped being about living and became all about dying. I was hospitalised in a psychiatric wing for a month and was discharged because it wasn’t doing me any good being in there. 650 more words


You know you have BPD when...

So I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw this:


I thought I’d write about what it made me think.

I’m often saying that BPD isolates me, but more than that I feel abandoned by my friends and my family. 1,119 more words


CentOS KVM Guest network cant access install.img [on hold]

Greeting Folks,
I am trying to install Guest or DOMU on a remote server and every time I try is get stuck at Retrieving /install.img. I believe its a network setting but am not entrely sure. 206 more words

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Being in love with your best friend

So I’m in love with my best friend, deeply, madly in love with him!

It’s really difficult to be in love with the perfect man and not have him love you back in the way you want him to, but after so many years it’s got easier to deal with. 627 more words