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The BucketBros Episode 6: 36 Hour Paintball Match

BucketBros battle away in this epic 36 hour paintball match by Splat Brothers in VA… Enjoy

The professional doctorate model and similarities to a public sociology

Think of this more as a provocation, than a definitive thesis. I am currently reading the March 2014 Current Sociology which focuses on issues of public engagement in Sociology. 288 more words

Public Sociology

Hear that 'Thump, thump'?

Happy Friday, little one.

Today’s the first day of a three-day holiday weekend — Tomb-Sweeping Day. And it’s the first real weekend I’ve had in a very long time. 178 more words

GSE alumnus Paul Coakley named to Centennial administration

Centennial School district has selected Dr. Paul Coakley, MEd ’01, EdD ’13, as the new assistant superintendent/director of human resources for the district. He has demonstrated his loyalty to Portland State University by enrolling in… 107 more words


Which Doctor: To PhD or to EdD that is the question?

The issue that has been consuming most of my time recently is what to do next. Originally I was going to start my PhD in January looking at how parents construct and manage issues of risk. 812 more words



To my daughter, Hope.

You were only a far away thought in my mind when I initially dreamed of earning my doctorate. I found you near the end of this journey, and now I cannot imagine my life without you. 96 more words


Go back to bed Naomi

The kitchen is disgusting, I hate living with my best girlfriends they are messy and smelly and I can’t even make a cup of tea without wearing a gas mask and some steel toe boots in fear of getting infected by the fucking disgusting dirt and food every where. 72 more words