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Cinema Sins is not film criticism (and I mean that in the nicest possible way)

The Cinema Sins YouTube channel has over two and half million subscribers, of which I myself can be counted as a member. Over the years, I’ve seen people chatting/tweeting/blogging about… 426 more words

Movie Reviews


I was going to be nice and give the No campaign a sort of right of reply by showing their new video. On paper it’s worth every penny of the money that the bitters gave to whoever came up with the idea, possibly Acanchi the PR company that created the astroturf of Vote Nob Orders. 391 more words


Cake or Death?

“Death please, no cake!” So, I really hate cake, but love the Eddie Izzard standup line. We have never been friends, cake and I. I have texture issues, sweetness problems, and am bothered with the fact people pay a stupid amount for stale ones sculpted to look like Versailles. 592 more words


Chapter 21...

In this kind of work, it sometimes becomes difficult to keep a professional perspective and a personal one at a proper distance. Because once they become entwined, you’ve lost your necessary control. 455 more words

Dress-up, Artists

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying a little experiment. Well… (ahem)… I’ve been pretending to be Don Draper. The experiment was supposed to last a week, just for fun, but it had such a great impact, I extended it to two and now three weeks to see just how far this rabbit hole really goes. 1,443 more words

Musicmaking And Music

Do you have a pledge?

We got to see Eddie Izzard at the Majestic Theater in Dallas last week. Izzard is one of the most intelligent and funniest comedians I’ve ever seen (live or otherwise), and we were looking forward to him for months. 651 more words