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So are you seeing the demons coming out of hell?

Be warned.  You’re not going to like my answer.  It’s not the answer you’re wanting.  But, it is the answer that will be presented here. 370 more words

Consciousness Shift

50 States of Superman: Arkansas

All I know about Arkansas is that it houses the largest diamond deposit in the country. In fifth or sixth grade, we had this crazy history/geography (social studies?) quiz and I won on that question when the teacher couldn’t stump me on anything. 57 more words


We are made of Stardust

I love this talk by John van Auken, recently presented at a conference hosted by James Tyberonn. This ties up with my dream of being a star and the vastness of space. 12 more words

A Bit Of Edgar

I thought it was about time I checked in with you again. This is the first of three little posts I’ll be adding before I go away on my regular August trip to West Wales. 319 more words

Quotes & Poems

Edgar Cayce - 'Russia - The Hope Of The World', by Jeff Rense

Source: Rense.com
Thanks to C.

The readings of America’s greatest psychic remain an extraordinary body of data which often stagger the reader with its prescience and projections of future events.   486 more words


The Oracle Report, Thursday, August 14, 2014

Please Note:

There is no way I can find the time to publish all the wonderful songs you have suggested, so I am going to have to release them in comments. 557 more words


Turn Inward

1 – No Turning Outward

“Again let me repeat and reemphasized my statements: where once you turned outward in your seeking and saw within what you perceived without, now you turn inward and reflect what you discover within outward. 767 more words