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We sent you two row boats and a helicopter!

You may have heard the story about a man caught in a flash flood. He was devoutly religious and was sure that God would save him.


"Christian" Near Death Experiences and The Movie "Heaven is For Real"

So I guess this is the year of the “Christian” movie, right? We had “The Son of God” New Age Jesus movie. Then we had the… 2,623 more words

Easter Through the Source

Saturday I gave my Cayce Miracles of Easter talk. Blessings & thanks to the stalwart seekers who attended in the loft here at the farm. This talk is a massive experience, stuffed with incident and radiant with multiple special characters whom Cayce sketched, during contemporary life readings, in economic yet telling detail. 526 more words

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Although, in addition to the ailments mentioned in this blog, I have changes to body and brain that occur with aging, I often find myself smiling internally or physically as I bring to mind the cause and purpose of all this. 145 more words



For some years we have conducted tours of America’s mounds for the A.R.E. While the mounds and earthworks of ancient America are truly worthy of visits on their own merit, the major reason the A.R.E. 928 more words

Ancient America

My Intuitive Heart™ Soul Reflection Experience

After doing the Inspired Heart Meditation and the short Memory Divination that followed this is what transpired for me in the Intuitive Heart Soul Reflection Experience which is explained in the previous post at… 593 more words


Try an Intuitive Heart™ Soul Reflection Experience

There are many exercises available to awaken intuitive abilities but this one is a favorite because it is so simple and so effective. Also, it surfaces an issue that really matters—one the participant may not even realize as a conscious issue before doing the exercise. 200 more words