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Dr. Douglas James Cottrell Akashic Record Reading

AngelicView: I was listening to Coast to Coast last night and this guy was on, Dr. Douglas James Cottrell, and he was described as the “Canadian Edgar Cayce”. 3,559 more words


Wild Theories and Mysticisms

The legend of Atlantis has been around for over twenty-four hundred years and people still talk and write about it, including me. There are countless books, both fiction and non-fiction not to mention the documentaries. 755 more words


Is the Inner Being omnipresent? (JP gr 22.5.14)

Inner Being is always. Before you have energy, a small piece of your energy (going) into the Wooden Doll, all energy is in the Inner Being of you, it will always be knowing all moments of the Wooden Doll. 1,037 more words

Inner Being


The law of attraction has to be real because you wouldn’t exist if a person didn’t either consciously act on it’s subconscious loneliness, meet another person, and create a circumstance out of it which would then lead to the creation of another human out of that initial seed, that began as a feeling, turned into a thought and ended in a new creation of a physical form. 417 more words

Edgar Cayce

How Eminem,

Edgar Cayce,


And Jesus Christ

led to my complete enlightenment

In only 7 days


Have You Tried It?

On some high profile / high stress projects I would kick-off brainstorming sessions with meditation. I talked participants along an imaginary path to their “own” favourite place. 52 more words



Can You Hear Me?

My sister, aunt and uncle were deaf from childhood. Our family learned how to lip read, sign and pronounce clearly. We also learned that the ultimate test for good communication is mutual understanding. 16 more words