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Detour (1945)

Piano player Al Roberts (Tom Neal) loves singer Sue Harvey (Claudia Drake) but they’ve both grown tired of their thankless gig in a small New York nightclub.  296 more words


Una película atrevida. Atrevida por parte del director. Detour es una breve película con la que piensas al principio: “Bueno, una película más” y acabas pensando: “Wow, qué película”.   140 more words


Time Flies... - Beyond the Time Barrier (1960)

Beyond the Time Barrier, another such film that deals with our possible future and our prevention of it, is an excellent movie done on a small budget of only $125,000.  612 more words


Vera, Detour

Forgive my untimely absence – I was busy with a First Aid course… certainly useful, as I make it my business to know as much about life and death as I can. 505 more words

Ann Savage

The Difference Between Crime Flicks and Film Noirs (At Least, According to Roger Ebert)

” … the bad guys in crime movies know they’re bad and want to be, while a noir hero thinks he’s a good guy who has been ambushed by life. 180 more words

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