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An Attitude of Gratitude


by Edgar Guest

Be grateful in the morning for the day that lies before;
be grateful in the evening that you still have strength in store. 192 more words


The Blue Spruce

Poem by Edgar Guest

That Colorado spruce you see,
well, he’s a friend of mine,
for he’s been growing old with me
these last eight years or nine. 182 more words


“Be A Friend”
By Edgar Guest

Friendship Quotes

What Makes an Artist

by Edgar Guest

We got to talking art one day,
discussing in a general way
how some can match with brush and paint
the glory of a tree, 257 more words


An Unexpected Guest

One of the things I love about the internet are the random connections it throws up. I clicked through from Twitter to a list about books that are better than the films (as a writer and a film fan that’s the kind of clickbait I’m very vulnerable to.) Of course, one of the things that is very irritating about the internet is the difficulty in finding anything again, unless you’ve bookmarked it, so I can’t give you the link to the list, I’m afraid. 489 more words

Observations And Musings

Unlocking Summer

The mind’s bright chambers, life unlocks
Each summer with the hollyhocks.
~Edgar Guest from “Hollyhocks”



by Edgar A. Guest

The joy of life is living it
or so it seems to me;
in finding shackles on your wrists,
then struggling till you’re free; 263 more words