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How to look edgy & feminine this spring

If you’re like me, then you usually look with disbelief at floral trench coats or pants and stir away from babydoll dresses in pink hues. Leather, black, red and creams work year-round for us, while emerald green, purple and cognac seem proper only in autumn or winter. 97 more words

Grinch Approved

Spring is here!

I love that spring is here and it is not your usual paisley and flowers!

You can wear your military jacket from winter with those AMAZING dark lips and that edgy top. 33 more words

Dark Lips

My miley cyrus twin transformation!

Below is from about a week ago. My cousin Genna took a brave step and went for this edgy, very chic cut /look. I had so much fun doing this ! 87 more words


Travel Style: Edinburgh

I’m thinking more trendy in Edinburgh with a slight edginess (not pictured). The weather should be around 40-60 degrees F in May. I’m still on the lookout for black boots that are comfortable enough to spend everyday walking in, yet are cute enough to be paired with classic or edgy styles. 20 more words


Why we as Writers MUST Look at Trashy Stories to Learn to Make Art

For one of my final papers as a student, I have to write about an apocalyptic film or movie or–thankfully–anime. Prior in this semester, we wrote essays on Grave of the Firefly and Barefoot Gen, discussing the intellectual merits of anime! 888 more words


Welcome to the New Age

We all have that one band or artist that we are incredibly possessive of, even if you haven’t met them and your connection is merely through your iPod and your obsessive views of all their interviews and videos on YouTube, you have a connection with them that “no one understands”. 572 more words

Favourite Things

One Direction Should Ditch Pop And Go Rock

One Direction is doing fine with their cookie cutter boy band thing, but I think there could be more to them than that. I think that their fan base could become even more vast. 248 more words