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Elderberry - Herb of the Year 2013

Elder ( Sambucus spp. ) was the ” Herb of the Year 2013″ and could be the ultimate permaculture plant, ” a fantastic attractor of beneficial insects and hummingbirds, can be used as a windbreak or living fence, provides food and shelter for wildlife (especially birds), and is a great pioneer species.” (John Kitsteiner Temperate Climate Permaculture ) Click on the picture to read John Kitsteiner’s complete article on Elderberry.

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Don't Pick The Trilliums

It’s illegal to pick TrilliumsĀ in British Columbia because it takes them 15 years to flower and once picked, the plant dies and the process has to start all over again. 54 more words

Early Spring Edibles

The Forgotten Fine Culinary Herb

Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium ) has been a popular culinary and medicinal herb since before the times of the Roman Empire. However recently, it seems to be out of favor. 73 more words

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Sweet Rewards of Spring

I caught this flat of V. odorata peaking out at me from under a greenhouse bench. Click on the image and a link will take you to a wonderful page of poetry about violets.

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Wasabi !

Wasabi ( Wasabia japonica ) is another early spring bloomer. In Japan it grows in shaded areas along streams, on the farm we keep it happy by growing it under shade cloth.

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