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The edible garden is planted...

What a beautiful week-end!  It was super-productive for us, also…

I love that exhausted feeling after a full day of planting, sitting on the back porch looking out at the lush, green that will now grow… 159 more words


20 Apr - Update

At least seven neighbours came down to help in today’s group session in the community edible garden!

The first things we did was to check out the health of our various growing plants. 662 more words

Edible Garden

Edible Garden: Day 1

Eating healthy is a huge contributor to a person’s health.  With that being said, healthy food is expensive, and I am a broke college student. So I thought that if I can’t afford to buy fresh vegetables and fruit at the store every week, why not grow my own?  314 more words

Fresh Vegetables

Top 5 edible plants for your garden

There are so many amazing edible plants for the backyard. Today I would like to talk about five  that are amazing but lesser known. All of them will have feature positions in my new garden.  428 more words

an opening in the flow

I am happy to announce that with the completion of a certain long-term project in coming weeks there will be a new opening for a… 390 more words


Easter Egg Seedlings

I was cracking eggs for breakfast burritos. Two of the eggs cracked perfectly. It dawned on me, “What a nice little pot to plant seeds in!” 231 more words

Fort Collins

12 Apr - Update

At least five neighbours came down for our regular weekly community garden session this morning. For two other neighbours who came by subsequently, it was their first visit to the garden – they had heard about it, and wanted to see the garden for themselves! 577 more words