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F - the Festival, Fireworks

The closing hours of the last day of August would see the end of the official Festival for the year and would be marked with the customary fireworks concert – Owen chose this as the perfect time to stage his break-in of Jolly Rowntree’s Edinburgh residence. 143 more words

Here lies art; gone for another year.

It’s the last day of August and the joy of the Edinburgh Festival is finally ending. The happy faces drunk on artistic joy have been replaced by confused locals, unsure whether to be delighted by the opening up of the streets or to be sad that they, once again, didn’t do quite as much as they intended. 354 more words

Edinburgh Festival

Murakami-fuelled Commentary Madness

I’m looking forward to today’s match. Really looking forward to it. Really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY looking forward to it.

But I need to calm down first. 538 more words

Wrexham Fc

Edinburgh Festival – the Mother of all Festivals

28 August 2014

By Dieneke Ferguson

Expect the Unexpected

Last weekend I travelled to Glasgow to see my friend Barbara and I didn’t realise that the Edinburgh Festival was still on. 1,342 more words

Other News

Williams translating Williams

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has a new book of poems out this month, first presented at the Edinburgh Book Festival, where I got my hands on a copy. 119 more words


EdFringe2014, Day 24: Last Day, part three: Final Performance and the Live Scriber

After all that, I was totally exhausted, but in an energised way, if that makes sense. It’s the sort of sparky tiredness you get from exercise. 499 more words


EdFringe2014, Day 24: Last Day, part two: Art

The other resolution I wanted to complete was to visit an Edinburgh tourist attraction. I’d had my heart set on the Botanic Garden until I realised it was outside the city and would require a little day trip. 575 more words