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How to be an Edinburgh Festival reviewer

Every year there are more critics at the Edinburgh Festival. Soon there will be more than there are shows. When that happens they will have to take to the stage and review each other. 1,284 more words

Edinburgh Festival

Making sense of the Edinburgh Fringe Guide

A blog originally published in 2013. I was going to write a new one, but my friend said “why don’t you just update that other one you did that was really funny” – and how could I say no to that? 4,774 more words

Edinburgh Festival

EdFringe 2014, Day -3: Ten reasons to see my show

Why take a punt on my show? Here are ten good reasons.

1. It’s about my shoes
No matter where I go or who I talk to my shoes are always well liked. 408 more words


EdFringe 2014, Day -4: British Sabbath Time

It may appear that I have been lying dormant for several months, but in fact, I have been super busy: Too busy to blog. Been doing previews, worrying, rewriting the show, practicing, worrying, arranging flyers and posters, doing interviews, worrying, gigging with Stewart Lee at Charity Chuckle (!), going to British Sabbath Time and seeing Faith No More (!), worrying, doing three shows in the Brighton Fringe, booking accommodation and travel, occasionally looking after my Dad, making a promo video for Charity Chuckle in Edinburgh and worrying. 106 more words


Back to Bowie's

Despite the best intentions of some, the referendum is going to be the all consuming backdrop to this years Edinburgh Festival. But as well as infiltrating every bar room conversation and every stand up show, and even having managed to break through the Charlie and Lola vibe of the Book Festival, there are a load of indyref dedicated shows and venues. 383 more words

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Five great shows to see during this years festival

1 No fit state circus

This interactive acrobatics extravaganza is sure to leave your mouth gaped open in awe at the unbelievable feats of acrobatics. As the audience you are guided through the scenes walking through the performance which adds to the theatre of the performance. 301 more words

#EdFringe Previews 2014 - Introduction

Seeing as my funds are dwindling, and that we’re rather closer to August and the festival itself than I thought, it looks like I’ve seen all the Edinburgh previews I’m going to see this year. 225 more words