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Running update - aiming for the 20 mile run ...

I had a very good start to the week commencing 7 April, with a 16 mile run that included the Thames path near the Wetlands Centre and finishing in Putney.  294 more words



Scott has taken to saying “Gulp” when either he is caught doing something he shouldn’t be, or when he knows he has done something wrong. Sometimes though, it can be when he just… 574 more words

Running update - 7 weeks to go...

This weekend I’m reminded by the organisers that there are 7 weeks to go till I’m running the Edinburgh marathon!

Fortunately, in a weeks time I’m off work for a couple of weeks and it’s a great time to plan in my 20 mile run.  138 more words


30 miles a week

Firstly, so sorry for the delay in updating you. After super consistent blogging since September I have fallen off the blogging wagon a little bit. … 457 more words

Running update...

Since my last training update, I’ve been steadily increasing my long runs on the weekend and I’m currently running between 11-13 miles.  I’ve also increased my weekly runs after work and found a new route  that has increased from 3.5 miles to a 5.5 mile run. 329 more words


Under Pressure

Sorry it has been so long since my last blog. I haven’t been in a great place when it domes to training if I’m honest. After I hurt my back it was really hard to get back in to the training. 782 more words

Harder, Faster, Longer

Want to go harder, faster, longer? If so, you have come to the right place, get ready to receive some advice that will change your running for the better. 470 more words