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Browning Marean: the tributes pour in

My article about the late Browning Marean Goodbye old friend has attracted several comments from those who were touched by his contribution, personal and professional, to them and to eDiscovery. 328 more words


Goodbye old friend: farewell to Browning Marean

Browning Marean of DLA Piper US died a couple of days ago. He had spent much of the year undergoing treatment for oesophageal cancer. When we spoke on Skype recently (oh so recently) he was excited at events coming up in Dublin and Prague which would be the first time I had seen him for months. 1,513 more words


Comparing like with like and keeping eDisclosure fears in proportion

“E-disclosure is about being clever with the way you do document reviews. It’s about picking the right search terms, using a good provider and having a proper hosting platform.” 1,395 more words


Letting the punishment fit the crime as Mitchell gives way to Denton

What was over in moments, added a word to the law’s dictionary, led to countless spin-off cases and applications, cost millions in legal fees, ended reputations and, having left its mark, disappeared from the scene? 2,203 more words


CEMS Case Exhibit Management System v2.0 Released

Case Exhibit Management System 2.0 released now includes a new client management feature http://www.filesig.co.uk


Small case edisclosure costs

What is the true cost of ediscovery?
Are you just about to throw in the towel and settle an otherwise winnable case just because the price you have from an ediscovery “solutions” supplier for collecting, processing, reviewing & processing those documents is more than the amount of the dispute? 114 more words