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Early Music Recording & Edison Wax Cylinders

The first cylinder sound recording machine was developed by Thomas Edison in 1877. This invention etched the sound wave patterns from a mouthpiece onto tinfoil wrapped around a 4 inch cylinder. 193 more words


"New technology is common, new thinking is rare"*...


If one peeks back to the earliest days of television, one discovers that much of the excitement over the nascent new medium was over its promise for education.   794 more words

Why I Am Grateful For Modern Quilting

I have been quilting for more than 25 years, so I can’t really claim to be a “Modern Quilter” and wouldn’t ever describe myself that way.   736 more words


Quote of the Day: Edison

“I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.”
~ Thomas A. Edison

My business mentors many years back would always drum similar advice into our heads: that failure wasn’t real failure until you gave up, and that the biggest winners in life were always the biggest ‘failures'; they found success after attempting, failing, learning, and trying again. 64 more words


MULTIPLE SPORTS: Refurbished Alamo Stadium showcases modern amenities, history

Historic stadium’s mystique remains the same

AREA TEAMS INCLUDED: Brackenridge, Burbank, Edison, Fox Tech, Highlands, Jefferson, Lanier, Sam Houston.

Photos taken by Mark Lieberman, courtesy of MDLblog. 830 more words


Best of Show

One of the best Indy record shops in Indiana, Neat Neat Neat, in Ft. Wayne. Maybe one of the best in the Midwest. The dude who runs the shop has a beautiful, working, Edison “Diamond Disc” player. 23 more words

Third Man Records

My Red-Hot Race Moment (Or, “Why South Asians Must, Too, Care About Ferguson”)

This essay is a repost from Common Grind, an amazing blog written by Anupam Chakravarty. It is presented here as a part of our series on police brutality and race. 2,224 more words

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