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Starting this Project

I have been trying to start this project for over a week.  I recently realized why I lacked the sufficient activation energy to follow through with it.  454 more words


Assignment 5: Edited

(CHANGES: all endorsements on the back cover line up flush left, added “Praise for (your name as author) and (invented book title)”)


Assignment 4: Edited

(CHANGES: Took out 80% of detail, simplified to be like Apple logo, no outlines)


Assignment 3: Edited

(CHANGES: Textual images unrecognizable (no letters, numbers etc.), edges softened around foreground image in combined image)


Review of an Assignment Edited

(CHANGES: spelling checked, and link of/to explain modern logos)

John Eckert’s Assignment 4 shows the correct use and understanding of Adobe Illustrator through correctly completing the exercises. 95 more words


Review of a Review Edited

(CHANGES: added photo of me in my glasses, and embedded original post into a word)

I am reviewing Anna Bautista’s post on a company called Type that makes frames for glasses based on front/typography. 76 more words


Post 5 Edited

(CHANGES: added more about the beauty struggle woman face, with links to different articles about women and beauty)

- This post comes from Swiss-Miss

- It is the music video to John Legend’s song “You & I (Nobody In The World) 123 more words