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Photoshopped Or Real?

Hi Guys!

Today I randomly searched “Shahrukh pictures” and I saw this:

Looks familiar? Don’t remember where you saw him?

First I was like: OMG!! SHAHRUKH’S LOOKALIKE!! 98 more words

Viv Albertine at Port Eliot

Below is a little extract from our interview with Viv Albertine of the Slits who recently published an autobiography. Emma and Peanut interviewed her about creativity and politics in music. 22 more words


Photoshop Is A Life Saver

I’ve been working with photoshop for about 10 years. After about 3 years, I decided to take a photoshop class. I’m not a pro by any means. 192 more words


Portraiture Assignment: Instagram Challenge


Edited using Snapseed

- Tuning: brightened and increased natural sunlight

- Saturation – enhance skin colour and green from toy, desaturate from camera

- Cropped so eye would fall in with the rule of thirds


Portraiture Assessment: Disjointed Portrait


Edited using Snapseed, placed together using PhotoCollage

- Tuning: 

Brightness/ambiance – increased natural lighting and sharpened image

Saturation – improved skin tone, removed camera’s desaturation… 39 more words


Portraiture Assessment: Double Exposure

Edited in Photoshop

Photo taken with double exposure setting on camera

- Brightness/contrast – lighten image, introduce whites in place of the lighter blues, darken darker areas and lighten lighter ones, add definition to edges  26 more words