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Economic Impact of Same-Sex Marriage

When it comes to dealing with Gay-marriage, there are many different platforms and stances to take in order to back it up and affirm it. One area that needs to be addressed however is from an economical standpoint. 459 more words


Sky is the limit for Professor Blair's students

Professor Blair will be giving a presentation on April 10 in the Digital Library. The presentation is entitled “Astronomical Time” and is part of the Discovery Lecture series. 473 more words

Riverside City College

oh hi there!

Sorry it has been so long since I’ve posted! Here is a quick recap on my crazyy life, I went to Florida for Spring Break with friends, then I had exam after exam after exam and on top of all that I had to work. 362 more words


"African Spirits Collection"

So here it is my tribal collection which I called “African Spirits”. I got to say that even if I’m Mexican and I kind of like to wear sometimes ethnical and tribal stuff, it was really hard for… 131 more words

No Contemporary Accounts of Jesus (nor Edith)

There are no contemporary accounts of the life of Jesus Christ. That matters. The normal rebuttal is to call that a lie and cite Josephus and Tacitus. 1,487 more words


Why I Love Downton Abbey

I am not a fan of most of today’s TV shows. Reality programs insult my intelligence. I am disgusted by cheap sex and excessive violence on other prime time fare.  852 more words