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Write it Right: Lose vs. Loose

By Heather G. Coman //

One of those impossible word sets is lose and loose. Really, the difficulty in keeping these two straight is totally understandable. 360 more words


Losing It

I am worried. I am concerned about the degradation of the English language and correct apostrophe and homophone usage. Linguists like John McWhorter (on whom, I have to admit, I have an intellectual crush) are more interested in whether altering how we use language interferes with meaning, but I am still vexed. 479 more words


The Serial Comma: Blood or Brains

A serial comma, also known as an Oxford comma, is something that causes fairly heated debates between readers and writers alike. Journalists generally despise it, and old-fashioned writers adore it. 823 more words


Can You Cut It?

It seems to go without saying when speaking to a graduate student…

who has had to work through many difficult issues to reach the goal of graduation, however, it bears repeating in the context of what I’d like to discuss today… 661 more words

Business English

10 best Instagram photo editing apps-IOS&Android

1) Instasize
2) PicLab
3) Sktchy
4) Frametastic
5) FaceTune

1) Snapseed
2) Pixlr Express
3) Photo Editor by Aviary
4) VSCO cam
5) Adobe Photoshop Touch



It’s amazing, how something can look so polished and ready to move on from, only to look like complete garbage when you come back to it later. 125 more words


Using a Time Machine to Edit and Revise

Writing is like running through an urban labyrinth during an alien attack and an apocalyptic storm.  You dive right into one alley and slide left into another.  304 more words