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Finding The Perfect Editor For Your Baby (Book)

I feel that as a professional freelance editor I should have worlds of wisdom on this topic: finding the right editor for your book. But I don’t. 2,166 more words


P is for...Prologue

Ah to prologue, or not to prologue, that is the question-

Well I always fancied having a prologue to my novel. I like a good prologue. 997 more words


All Novels Are Built Out of Scraps

Don’t forget the Christmas lights.


Now it’s done.

Creative Writing

Getting picky can up your freelance game

At noon, May 21 bonus lunch meeting of the Columbia Freelance Forum, former member Joan McElroy will share about how a renewed commitment to being picky about jobs, focusing on strengths and preferences can help you boost your freelance career. 69 more words


A Call to Arms! (Or, mostly just a call for opinions)

Ok, so this isn’t a call to arms, I have just always wanted to say that. Mostly because battle formations in movies, TV shows, and books really get my inner-warrior roused and raring. 427 more words


N is for Never-Ending Story

Apologies if you have come to this blog expecting to find some wise words about the 1984 German film, The NeverEnding Story, but this is not regarding that. 512 more words


Rejections Won't Kill You

Although I have been writing since I can remember, I have only recently started to submit my own work to publishers. I am focusing on short stories and flash fiction because that is where I am the most comfortable, so I have been submitting to small magazines and publishers. 686 more words