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Good Morning

Last night I managed to get the fifth chapter of Earth, After Liberation done. I had to all but re-write it but I’m a lot happier with how it is now. 228 more words


Editing Update

Editing update for The Ravenwyng Chronicles Volume 1 The Discovery. Cut 1148 words through this round of edits. Still have 9 more Search and Destroy Missions to go.

Work In Progress

Writers Retreat MRW

I was as nervous as a cat in a rocking chair factory! I wasn’t published by one of the big 5… I was self published in 2005- did I even belong in a real writers group? 178 more words


Copy editing two words at a time

I’ve often wondered which one is viewed as “more” correct than the other. Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl, answers in this quick post via… 176 more words


The Price of Excellence

Excellent editing, that is. We all know that editing is the necessary evil that comes after writing. While writing can be all happy traipsing through the Imagination Station, editing is serious, thoughtful, and hard. 798 more words


Week 163 - Refining?

At the moment I should be working on some of the poetry being used in the wedding, and I am trying to finalise the one poem I want to read on the day, but there are so many things to do that the poems keep getting pushed backwards. 253 more words

Getting Moving

This month has probably been my least productive month of the year, definitely since March. I’m not sure if my lack of motivation is due to non-writing elements of my life or because it’s a case theres a lot of work I need to do on Earth, After Liberation (I’m fairly sure I’m going to have to all but re-write the second two thirds of the story) but whatever the reason I haven’t done much recently. 223 more words