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Don't hate: punctuate!

Susan Pierotti, Creative Text Solutions

The comma is a  very useful device. It can provide a breathing space in a long sentence, it can break up a list into  bite-size chunks, and it can change the meaning of text altogether. 20 more words

Is the apostrophe an endangered species?

Susan Pierotti, Creative Text Solutions

A teenager died earlier this year as  a result of a single apostrophe! The ambulance officers in the English city of Cambridge speeding to her rescue were given the wrong address as the emergency service’s software was unable to cope with punctuation. 783 more words

For Men Only: Online Dating? Hire an Editor

Freelancers are always looking for new markets to conquer, and today I discovered a new one: online dating profiles.

If you’re familiar with online dating, then you’ve come to expect a little embellishment here and a little downplaying there. 191 more words

Editing And Writing

The Charm of Ali Smith

I’ve posted before about enjoying Ali Smith’s writing, and here I go again.

There’s no pleasure that compares to curling up with great writing. Some writers express ideas so well that they seem to know what you’re thinking and feeling before you do. 279 more words

Editing And Writing

What’s a comma between friends?

Susan Pierotti, Creative Text Solutions

When you check for grammar mistakes, do you ever get confused when to use a comma? You’re not alone!

Editors have huge chat sites devoted to just this topic. 556 more words


T & A: Tight and Always on Time

Terry O’Reilly is an award-winning copywriter and broadcaster. His CBC radio program, “Under the Influence,” focuses on advertising strategies both past and present. Terry always rewards his listeners with the inside scoop behind well-known marketing campaigns. 171 more words

Editing And Writing

My Copy Edit and Your Copy Edit Were Hanging Out Clothes...

…/My copy edit struck your copy edit right in the nose/What was the final word count?

Remember this skipping rhyme from childhood (with different words, of course)? 720 more words

Editing And Writing